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He didn’t even unbutton the second button of his shirt before Faye stopped him saying, “I-I want to do it.”

Victor was surprised, even flattered that she would offer to undress him. He saw no harm in allowing her to do so since she was so kind to allow him to undress her not long before. So, he lay down on the bed and nodded saying, “By all means.”

Faye balked at this because she did not expect Victor to allow her, what some women would call, the privilege of undressing him. But, she quickly collected herself, straddled his lap, and began. She started with his shirt. The task wasn’t difficult, but her hands trembled nonetheless.

Victor smiled as he watched her. She was so focused on the task that it was adorable. Faye looked up for a split second and her eyes locked with Victor’s. She quickly averted her eyes and despite her wishes, her face turned red as a beet and her hands trembled all the more.

“Here,” Victor said gently. “Allow me.” He undid the rest of the buttons, took off his shirt, and tossed it aside without a care before reclining again with a contented sigh. “Better?” he asked.

Faye didn’t respond. All she could do was stare at Victor’s immaculate body. His chest was chiseled to perfection and his abdominals were sculpted like no other. H-He’s beautiful, she thought. Yes, she could appreciate Cyril and Alfred’s beauty, but they both paled in comparison to Victor’s beauty. His was similar, but different; he had a certain something, but Faye couldn’t figure out what that something was. At the moment, it didn’t matter because she was too busy ogling every inch of Victor’s upper body.

“Do you like what you see?” Carmen asked, snapping Faye out of her trance.

“H-Huh?” Faye said as she looked over at the woman she seemed to fear, respect, and envy all at once.

Carmen smiled knowingly. “Do you like what you see, darling?” she reiterated. Faye looked away, sheepishly. “Aw, no need to be shy, sweetheart. You’re not the first to admire Victor’s lovely physique…But, if you think him to be attractive, you absolutely must meet his cousin Andres.”

“Carmen!” Victor barked, causing everyone in the room to jump and stare at the man with wide eyes. “Enough…There will be no talk of him who must not be named,” he growled.

Carmen didn’t reply. All she did was shrink back and sip her wine in silence.

Once he had calmed down, Victor looked at Faye, who was clearly terrified by him; she was leaning away from him and looked like she was about to bolt at any minute. Now you’ve done it, Victor, old boy, he thought. “I’m sorry, kitten, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said as he moved to stroke her cheek, but she recoiled. “…I’m very sorry, Faye. Please don’t let this ruin the moment we were having before.”

Faye looked at him with sympathetic eyes. He was sorry and she knew it, but he had scared her terribly with his outburst. And she couldn’t help but wonder what was so bad about this cousin of his that made him so angry at the mention of his name? If that was all it took to send him into a rage, she wondered what else could be a trigger for his anger; hence, why she was so hesitant to continue where they left off. But, the more she thought about his apology and looked into his eyes, the more compassion she seemed to feel toward him. Despite her hesitation, she decided to take the chance and attempt to foster the chemistry that was slowly growing between them.

While she was looking at Victor, Faye noticed that his hair was tied back. She didn’t even realize what she was doing until she did it. She reached up and pulled the blue satin ribbon that held his hair in a neat ponytail. Then, his hair fell into lovely tresses just past his shoulders. Faye was spellbound by the thickness and sleekness of his hair. She began to run her fingers through it, not paying attention to Victor, Cyril, Carmen, or their reactions.

Victor was actually amused by the irony of this situation. Faye was the first person, other than his mother, he allowed to touch his hair. No one was ever to touch his hair. If they did, the consequences were dire. But, somehow, he was comfortable enough to allow a girl he had just met to let down his hair then play with it. The irony baffled him as well as Carmen who sat wide-eyed and open-mouthed, but he let her entertain herself, which allowed him to study her even more. Whereas Cyril remained indifferent as he watched this sweetly innocent scene unfold before him; but he couldn’t help but feel a little pang of jealousy because Faye had never played with his hair and seeing her do so with a stranger annoyed him.

As Victor allowed Faye to play with his hair, he studied her in silence. She was so young and full of life; so seemingly innocent. He wondered if he was indeed going to be her first. She never answered me before, he thought. In all honesty, he didn’t care. Either way, he hoped to make tonight one that she would never forget. He was starting to get lost in the delicate movements of her fingers as they massaged his scalp and ran through his hair. Just as he closed his eyes and began to lean into her touch, she stopped. He opened his eyes and they locked with hers; her soft blue met his piercing green.

Faye rested her hands on Victor’s shoulders and looked up at him with questioning eyes. To him, it was like she was trying to ask for his permission to do something. She knew all she had to do was ask and he’d oblige. Perhaps, I did not make that clear, he thought. Only when he saw her eyes dart downward before locking with his again, did he know what she wanted.

Victor didn’t dare make the first move out of fear that he’d frighten her even more than before. So, he just waited patiently for Faye to make the decision. He smirked at her and that was enough to let her know that he would be fine with whatever she chose to do next. The pressure was on, now.

Faye froze. W-What do I do? she thought. She looked over at Carmen who was sitting on the edge of her seat. Then at Cyril who looked rather impatient. She tried wracking her brain for ideas, but nothing came. I-I could always pretend that he’s Cyril, she thought. Suddenly, she felt Victor’s gentle hand take her chin and turn her head away from their audience and back to him. He wore an expectant look on his face, indicating that he too was starting to lose his patience.

Faye looked away from him as she felt tears brimming at the corners of her eyes. She would act, but she didn’t know what to do. She was nervous and didn’t want to make a fool of herself. She thought about treating Victor like she would Cyril, but he wasn’t Cyril. Neither was he Alfred, for the matter…He was Victor and that’s what she loved the most about him despite the fact that she had just met him. So, that is how she decided she would treat him; with the same tender love and care he bestowed on her.

She slowly ran her hands up his neck and to the back of his head before she began to lean in. Victor’s eyes never left hers until their lips met in a tender kiss and the two closed their eyes to savor this moment. Although Victor’s lips enveloped hers, he made no move to dominate the kiss and let her take control as she sucked his bottom lip then proceeded to deepen the kiss. He couldn’t stop himself. He craved more physical contact, so he only did what was natural. He cupped her face in his hands.

All the while, Carmen and Cyril sat amazed as they watched the two. Neither could believe the amount of chemistry between Faye and Victor. Especially after how much Faye resisted initially. It was almost as if they were made for each other. Carmen turned and looked at Cyril out of the corner of her eye. Cyril turned his head and caught her staring, making her avert her eyes. He knew what she was thinking and he thought it very tempting to fulfill her wildest fantasy, but he decided against it. As much as it pained him to see his friend suffering, it also entertained him. So, he decided to see how long she would last.

Suddenly, Faye broke the kiss, leaving Victor wanting more. She looked at him apologetically, but then gave him a playful smile before she slowly began to leave a trail of kisses down his jaw line then across his throat. Victor was very pleased by this, evidenced by the chuckle Faye won when her lips touched his Adam’s apple. Once she’d finished with his neck, she kissed his chin and continued her trail up his other jaw line. When that didn’t get her a reaction, Faye decided to up her strategy. So, she leaned close and whispered, “Do I please you, Victor?” Before he could respond, she began to nibble on his earlobe, eliciting a hiss from Victor.

But, that wasn’t all he did. He buried his face in the crook of Faye’s neck and began to suck the sensitive flesh there, causing her to let go of his ear lobe and whimper in pleasure. That sound alone was enough to push him to his limit. He flipped them so that he was on top. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted Faye and he wanted her right then and there. “Faye,” he panted, “I want you…Do I have your-,”

“Yes, Victor!” she all but screamed. “Please, just—Just love me!”

“Eager, are we?” Faye confirmed that with her eyes. “As am I.” He didn’t even have the patience to take off his pants and underwear. He just undid his pants and freed himself from his confines. Faye’s eyes grew large upon seeing him. She licked her lips in anticipation much to Victor’s surprise. Most women usually ran away screaming at the sight of his manhood, and those who were brave enough to try had to stop before they began because it hurt too badly, but not Faye. She might have been shocked, but she wasn’t afraid. “Like what you see?” he asked as he stroked his length.

“I-It…It’s so big,” she breathed.

“Thank you…Do you think you can handle it?”

“I-I think so,” she stammered.

Victor frowned. “Hm…I’m not convinced,” he said, attempting to feign disappointment. But, Faye actually believed it.

“I’m willing to try!”

“Don’t worry, kitten. I believe you,” Victor assured her. “I know just the thing to get you ready for me.”

“W-W-Wai~A-Ah!” she moaned as Victor had slid down her body, spread her legs, and immediately got to work. “V-Victor!” she gasped as a massive wave of pleasure rushed over her.

Victor didn’t give her any time to adjust to the effects his attack was having on her. To be honest, he saw no need to because the more pleasure she received, the more he enjoyed it. A whopping ten minutes passed and she still hadn’t climaxed. Victor was starting to get worried. She should have come by now…Am I losing my touch? he thought.

“S-Stop!” Faye whined in anguish as she clawed at the sheets beneath her and writhed against him. “You’re going to make me come!” She tried to push him off, but he was relentless.

“Why are you fighting the pleasure, kitten?” Victor asked, ceasing his assault on Faye’s blooming flower, causing her to sigh in relief. “You should be enjoying this. I am. Besides, it’s rare when I do this…Tell me: How is it?” Then he picked up where he left off, making Faye yelp with a jump.

“Victor,” she whimpered. “P-Please! N-No more! I’ll come, I swear! I’ll come, I swear!” she sobbed.

“But, that’s what I want, love,” he said as he flicked his tongue against her.

“S-Stop!” she screamed. She could feel the pressure building in her stomach. She closed her eyes and prayed that he’d stop. Although she’d already failed at keeping her promise to Cyril, she didn’t want to run the risk of him increasing whatever punishment he had in store for her.

“But, kitten, you’re so close,” he said as he continued to hold her legs open.

“No! I-I don’t want to come,” she panted. “N-Not yet! Not yet!”

As much as he wanted to make her come right there, his desire to respect her wishes was even greater. So, he stopped, but only after flicking his tongue against her love button five more times, making Faye love him and hate him with each sweetly agonizing stroke. He sat up and watched her as she tried to catch her breath.

“Thank you,” she whispered once she caught her breath.

Victor simply nodded as he aligned his hips with hers. “Are you ready for me, sweetheart?” he asked in a low, husky tone of voice.

Faye lay on the bed and looked up at him in all his masculine glory with longing eyes. Although her eyes clearly said that she wanted him, Victor wanted to hear her say it; he needed the sincerity of her voice to match that of her eyes…and she knew this.

Carmen sat on the edge of her seat, waiting to hear what Faye would say while Cyril listened passively.

“Yes,” Faye whispered.

Victor then positioned himself over her and said, “If it’s too painful-,”

“I’ll be fine,” Faye said as she caressed his face with her hand.

Victor wasn’t going to proceed until he told her. “If it’s too painful, tell me and I’ll stop. Understand?”

“Yes, Victor.”

“Good.” Then without any delay, he slowly began to enter her.

Faye hissed at the sensation. So, my eyes weren’t deceiving me, she thought. He was big…really big and it hurt, but Faye refused to stop now. If I could take Alfred, surely I can take him.

“Are you all right?” Victor grunted.

“Y-Yes!” Faye hissed through gritted teeth as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Victor wasn’t convinced. “A-Are you sure?” He looked down and saw that he had barely gotten anywhere. “You’re awfully tight…and I’ve barely gotten the head in.”

“Don’t stop!” Faye begged as she looked at Victor and desperately grabbed his shoulders. “I-I’m fine…” She saw him frown. “Honest!” she added with an assuring smile.

If she was in any pain, she was doing a damn good job at hiding it. “Very well, then.” So, Victor proceeded to enter the most eager lover he’d had yet. The process was long and meticulous. Not only was he being careful as not to hurt Faye, but to keep from reaching his release. Oh, gods, he thought as he almost lost it. He buried his face in the crook of her neck as he paused to keep his composure.

Faye could tell that Victor was flustered and somewhat irritated that things weren’t going according to plan. So, she figured that she would try and help. She gingerly pushed him away so that she could look him in his eyes. Then she cupped his face in her hands and brought his face to hers until their lips met in a passionate kiss.

At first, Victor held back because he saw no point in this gesture, but he soon realized that Faye was trying to encourage him. This was her way of telling him that she appreciated his effort and was willing to bear with him. After a moment, Victor took over and removed Faye’s hands from his face before he pinned them down on either side of her head. She whined at this, but she didn’t fight him.

He ran his tongue over her lips, asking permission to gain access to her mouth, which she gave. Then he began to explore the contours of this space he hoped to grow more familiar with over time. To his surprise, he didn’t have to wrestle Faye to gain dominance. She was a willing captive, one who captivated him with her seductive innocence. Maybe I was wrong about her and Cyril, he thought. Perhaps they aren’t anything more than master and servant.

With that hope in mind, Victor continued, not wanting to belabor the task at hand. He ran his hand down Faye’s side, letting his thumb barely graze her nipple, eliciting a moan from Faye. He didn’t know how or when it happened, but the next thing he knew, he was laying on his back with Faye on top of him with his member deep inside of her; her mouth open wide in a silent scream and glazed over eyes.

“Oh, gods!” Victor cried as he gripped Faye’s hips. “You’re so…tight.” He could feel the pressure building in his loins, but he was determined not to release until he got all, if not a good portion of the pleasure he’d given Faye. “Oh, Faye,” he moaned.

“D-Don’t say my name like that!” Faye whined as she involuntarily clenched around him. She lay down on his chest to try and adjust to this man’s throbbing member. “Y-You’re so big.”

“It doesn’t hurt, though does it?”

“Mm-mm,” Faye said with a shake of her head.

“Good,” he grunted as he lifted himself up to rest on his forearms. “C-Can you move?”

Faye sat up and looked down. Somehow, she’d managed to take all of him, so she thought that she’d have no problem riding him. “I-I can try.” Then she placed her hands flat against his chest and prepared to move. Before she could, her eyes met Victor’s.

He smiled at her, indicating that she had his consent to proceed. This also caused her to blush and avert her gaze, but Victor made her look back at him and caressed her cheek with his thumb as if to say: ‘It’s all right.’

So, she took a deep breath then she lifted herself off of him little by little until only the head of his member remained inside of her. Then she eased herself back down, wincing at the feeling of being torn in two.

“W-What’s wrong?” Victor asked with a worried expression on his face.

“N-Nothing,” Faye stammered. “I’m just not u-used to having something…th-this big inside.” She saw Victor’s look of concern change to one of apology. “It doesn’t hurt, honest!”

Victor chewed the inside of his cheek as he studied Faye. She was smiling in his face, insisting that she wasn’t in pain when she’d winced in pain not a moment before. He wondered what he should do. Should I let her suffer silently or should I ease her pain? he thought. He decided to put her to the test. If she showed any sign that she was in pain, he’d take it from there. If not, they would continue as if nothing happened. “If you insist,” he said with a dismissive nod.

Despite the delight she found in knowing that Victor believed her, Faye hesitated to move. Victor noticed this and was about to execute his plan, but before he could, Faye had lifted herself off and eased back down on him again with a whimper.

Victor rolled his eyes and said, “Come here.” He took Faye in his arms and flipped them so that she was on her back once again.

“W-What’re you—A-Ah~!” she moaned as Victor buried himself deep inside her.

“I can’t lay here…and watch you hurt yourself by stretching yourself…beyond capacity,” he grunted.

“But, it didn’t-,”

“Then, why did you wince when you came back down on me?” She averted her gaze because she couldn’t come up with an answer.


“Just let me take it from here,” he said in a gentle voice despite his annoyance with her after her little stunt. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face and whispered, “Remember, all you have to do is tell me it hurts and I’ll stop.”

“I know.”

“Alright.” Victor sighed before he pulled out slightly. Then he slowly eased himself back in. Not only was he being gentle for Faye’s sake, but also for his own because she was still so deathly tight that he would come at any moment. He kept this up for a minute or two before Faye wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Then she pulled him closer to her and whispered, “You don’t have to hold back so much. I’m not some doll that’ll break at the slightest jolt. Don’t be afraid to be selfish…You deserve it.” She ended by licking his earlobe, sending shivers down Victor’s spine. He pulled away just enough to look into her eyes and confirmed that she meant every word she said just by the look in her eyes. He had her permission to be as selfish as he pleased. But, he couldn’t help but wonder what she meant by ‘You deserve it.’

Victor simply shrugged and picked up where he left off, but slowly began to pick up speed, as he grew more confident in his ability to keep from reaching his climax. Faye loved every minute of it. She had only tried to get back on top once, but Victor stopped her before she could make her move. It was almost as if he had read her mind.

“Ah ~ Victor!” Faye moaned as she rose her hips to meet his every thrust. She was so high on the pleasure that she could barely form words. Victor was just so good. Despite his size, he was being rather gentle with her and she loved it even though she had grown accustomed to the hard rough side of intimacy that Cyril had been showing her.

She stole a glance at Cyril who was staring – No – glaring at her as if she had done the worst thing possible. This sight took her aback at first as she wondered what she could’ve done wrong. Then she realized, That’s right…I’m not supposed to be enjoying this. But, it couldn’t be helped. Victor was just that good and some. Faye let out another cry of affirmation as Victor continued to ram deep inside of her, hitting the spot that drives every woman mad with pleasure.

Suddenly, Victor flipped Faye so she was lying on her stomach. Then he grabbed her hips and raised them so that they were even with his waist. Before Faye could ask him what he was doing, he’d thrust deep inside of her, eliciting a combination of a yelp and moan from Faye as she melted into a helpless puddle beneath him. She’d climaxed again. Victor waited for her to recover before he continued.

“Wh-What’re you doing?” Faye asked. “D-Don’t stop. I want more.”

“As you wish,” Victor replied as he leaned forward and kissed Faye in the middle of her back. Then he began tease her by easing himself in and out in a tantalizingly slow manner.

Faye bit her lip as she whimpered. “Victor, please…Don’t tease.”

Victor chuckled at her little rhyme before replying with a playful slap on her buttocks, eliciting a squeak from Faye. “What if I like to tease you, hm?” he asked, as he began to grind his hips against her.

She stammered as she tried to come up with a clever response, but she came up empty. Then when he reached around and began to rub her breasts, it was all over. That along with his throbbing member deep inside of her prevented her from retorting.

“But, if you don’t like it that much,” Victor began as he massaged the area that he’d slapped a moment before, “I suppose I could fix that.” Then he squeezed Faye’s buttocks, causing her to jump.

And fix it, he did. After the first three thrusts, Victor was able to find his rhythm and take Faye higher in pleasure. He had her screaming his name as she pressed her face into the bed, raised her buttocks as high as possible, and clawed wildly at the sheets. Faye couldn’t even think straight anymore. The feeling of Victor pounding deep inside of her, filling her, pleasing her was too good for words. All she knew was that she liked this feeling and she didn’t want it to end. She just prayed that the child growing inside of her couldn’t hear her shameless cries.

Victor brought her to three more climaxes after taking her from the back, front, and standing up. He could feel himself getting close. So, he laid Faye back down on the bed, crawled on top of her, and began to thrust harder and faster than he ever had, causing Faye to squeal.

“Victor,” she moaned, “s-slow down! You’re gonna to make me come again!”

“I-I’m sorry, kitten,” he grunted. “But, I can’t.” He wanted his release so badly. He’d been waiting for a long time and now it was his turn. Faye told him that it was all right to be selfish. Then he realized what she had meant. She could tell that he was a giver from the beginning and all she was trying to do was help him to help himself. And it worked.

He stole one last glance at Carmen, who sat with one leg crossed over the other and an intense look on her face. Yep, he thought with a smirk. She wishes she were Faye...That could be arranged. He didn’t bother looking at Cyril because he already knew how the old bachelor felt about the situation. He just closed his eyes and lost himself in the pleasure.

Victor lost more restraint with each thrust and every utterance that passed Faye’s lips. He hissed as he felt her tighten around him. She was close, as well, but he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to hold out long enough for them to climax together. In all honesty, he didn’t want to. After considering it for a moment, he thought, Fuck it. Then with six more thrusts, Victor came with a satisfied groan as he buried himself deep inside of Faye who screamed his name and ran her nails down his back as she arched her back and reached her eighth climax.

Cyril looked down at a hand that clenched his knee. Then he looked and saw Carmen staring longingly at Victor and Faye as they lay in the afterglow of their passionate lust affair. He placed his hand on top of hers, causing her to yelp and snatch her hand out from under his. Then their eyes met and an awkward silence fell between them.

“S-Sorry,” Carmen stammered before grabbing her empty flute and the bottle of wine to pour herself a glass. She was sad to discover that the bottle was empty.

Cyril saw her stick out her lip in a pout and said, “There’s plenty more where that came from. Would you like some?”

“Yes, please. But, business first,” Carmen replied as she set down the glass and bottle.

“Very well, then…What did you think?”

Carmen paused to think before she responded. As far as she could tell, Victor enjoyed himself. And so did she to a certain degree, but she couldn’t let Cyril know that. So she tucked her hair behind her ear and replied saying, “She was a bit too dramatic for my liking…but, she’ll do.”

“Do for what?” asked Faye as disentangled herself from Victor’s arms and sat up.

“Then, she’s all yours,” said Cyril.

“What? C-Cyril, what’re you talking about?” Faye asked as her eyes darted between Cyril and Carmen.

“Excellent. Name your price, Cyril.”

Cyril looked over at Faye who looked back at him with questioning eyes. He thought back to the moment he first saw her and all the plans he’d had for her. They had come a long way since that fateful day. Now, all of that was about to change and all the memories they’d made would be for naught. “One hundred.”

Carmen looked at Cyril with a confused look on her face. “I-I’m sorry, but one hundred what?” she asked.

“Just one hundred dollars, Carmen,” Cyril replied, his gaze never leaving Faye’s.

“There has to be some kind of mistake, darling,” Carmen said with a chuckle. “Don’t you think that’s a bit low? I mean, the girl in the lowest rank at my establishment cost me more than that…”

“I’m sorry, but did I stutter, Carmen?” Cyril asked as he turned to her with and icy glare.

Carmen’s eyes grew wide at the sight of this. “N-No, but-,”

“Then pay me one hundred dollars.” He turned his head to look at Faye before adding, “That’s all she’s worth, anyway.”

Faye’s heart dropped into her stomach when she heard Cyril say those words. “C-Cyril, what do you mean? I-I don’t want to go with her!” She saw Carmen produce the money from her purse. Before Cyril could take it, she was at his side, clutching his arm. “I want to stay here with you!” she cried as tears began to form in her eyes.

Cyril took the money from Carmen and placed it in his pocket. Then he slid his arm out of Faye’s grasp and said, “You’re no longer my responsibility, Faye. Carmen is now your mistress. You shall live with her in the brothel she runs and will do her bidding. Am I understood?”

“B-But, Cyril-,” she choked.

Carmen saw where this was going. So, she stood up and whispered in Cyril’s ear, “Do you need a moment?”

“…I might. Would you like to spend the night if-?”

“That would be wonderful.”

“The room across the hall should be open, then.”

“Is it as nice as this one?” Carmen asked, raising an eyebrow.

“More so.”

“Excellent. Take as much time as you need,” she said as she ran her hand down his shoulder.

“I’ll have a maid deliver another bottle of wine to you.”

“Thank you, darling.” She gave Faye an apologetic look before she gathered her coat and left the room.

“Cyril, I-,” Faye began before he cut her off.

“We can’t talk here.”

“Why not? I need answers!”

“Because Victor is sleeping!” he hissed.

“So, what if he’s sleeping? You just sold me and I demand answers!” she yelled.

Cyril looked over at the bed and Victor hadn’t moved. “Fine.”

“Cyril, why? What did I ever do to deserve this? I did everything you said. I tried my best not to come. I really did, but I couldn’t help it! Don’t you love me?”

“Enough!” Cyril barked. “I’m tired, Faye. I’m tired of your whining; tired of your vindictiveness…I’m just tired of you. Yes, you’ve brought me much joy, but you’ve caused me much more pain.”

“So, you’re giving me away?!”


Faye couldn’t understand how he could be so cold. “But, I’m pregnant!”

“Yes, you are…but, who’s to say that it’s mine?”

“C-Cyril, I-,”

“Can you prove it? How do I know it’s not Alfred’s or some other man’s that I don’t know about?”

“I didn’t sleep with anyone else besides you and Alfred and you know that!” Faye spat as she reached out to touch him.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it past you,” Cyril said as he stepped back and glared at her through squinted eyes. “Once a whore, always a whore. Hence why I’m giving you to Carmen…At least with her you’ll be able to make a living by spreading your legs and putting that pretty little mouth of yours to good use.”

Faye cringed at his vulgarity. Although, she had heard Cyril say crude things many times before, this was the worst she had ever heard. Nonetheless, she persisted. “B-But, I don’t want to go with her!” she stammered as she clung to him again. “I want to stay here with you! I love you, Cyril! What do I have to do for-?”

“There is nothing you can do, Faye!” Cyril exclaimed as he pushed her away. Faye looked at him with teary eyes as the realization of the possibility that her ways of persuasion may have lost their touch began to dawn on her. “No matter how much you beg, how much you cry, or how many times you can try to stroke my ego by calling me master, you won’t change my mind.”

“But, Cyril, I-,”

He raised his hand and she fell silent. “I should’ve said this a long a time ago, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I…I don’t love you. I can’t say that I never did, but…I don’t love you anymore. You’re a liar, a whore, and a manipulator. Never did I imagine that you would turn out this way when I first bought you. Had I—Had I have known you would be like this, I would have kept my money. The only good I can say that you’ve done is introducing me to Sabina.”

“But, she-,”

“Silence!” he hissed with an icy glare. “Although she no longer loves me, I can say that I’ve had the privilege to have loved and have been loved by her.” He paused to let those words sink in for a moment. They stung Faye’s heart and soul like a swarm of angry wasps. “Well, I bid you a good night. I shall see you off in the morning.” Then he turned on his heel and began to make his way to the door.

“N-No, Cyril! Please!” Faye sobbed as she took hold of Cyril’s arm. He tried to shrug her off, but she still managed to cling to him. She refused to be cast aside as if she was nothing. “Cyril, please…Don’t send me away.”

Cyril ignored her desperate pleas as he dragged her along. Please, have some dignity, Faye, he thought with a roll of his eyes. By the time he’d reached the door, she was barely clinging to his leg.

“P-Please don’t send me away. N-Not again,” she sniffled. “If you do, I-I swear I’ll k-kill myself!”

Cyril snatched his leg out of her grasp, opened the door, and stepped outside. Then he turned to look at Faye and shook his head disappointedly. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I had expected better from you Faye. First, you’re griping about being pregnant, now you’re threatening to kill yourself? This makes me wonder whether or not you’re really pregnant. Because I don’t think any good mother-to-be would make such a threat knowing that the moment she ended her life, she’d end that of her child as well. Good night. I shall see you in the morning.” Then he closed the door in her face.

That was it…The end of her reign as queen of Cyril’s heart. She didn’t know how long she lay on the ground and choked on her sobs, but eventually she was able to get on her knees. Then she looked down at her reflection in the polished marble floor and was she a pitiful sight to behold. She covered her face and wept at the sight and thought of herself, as well as her situation. She wept for a number of reasons, but the one that hurt her the most was that Cyril, the love of her life, had just told her that he didn’t love her. He had said it before in a fit of anger, but this time, he meant it. She rubbed her belly and silently apologized to her unborn child for all the sins she had committed that could have potentially harmed him.

Once Faye had composed herself to a satisfactory degree, she rose to her feet, staggered to the bed and crawled in beside Victor, who slept soundly without a care in the world. She just prayed that she’d be able to fall asleep after all that had occurred that night. She pulled the covers over herself and turned her back to Victor, being sure to leave some space between them. It didn’t take her long to fall into the space between sleep and wakefulness, but just as she was about to slip into a deep slumber, she felt an arm enclose about her waist, a firm chest press against her back, and a chin rest upon her head. She dismissed this as Victor having a preference to cling to things in his sleep and nothing more, but part of her took comfort in knowing that she was safe and possibly even…wanted.
Broken: Chapter 36
The end of an era...What awaits us on the dawn of the next? Keep reading and you'll find out. :3 



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About three days later, Cyril was sitting in his office reading. It was rare when he got the chance to kick back, relax, and let business be business. Now that he had the opportunity, he was going to take advantage of it. He had so many books in his library, but had only read a few of them. He was going to change that. He had grabbed the biggest book he could find and quickly had at it. Just as the book was starting to get interesting some one hundred pages later, the phone began to ring. He dog-eared the page and answered in a polite voice, despite his annoyance saying, “Hello?”

“Hello, Cyril,” said an all too familiar velvety voice. “Was I interrupting something?”

“No, not at all, Carmen. How are you?”

“I am well, thank you. I have some news for you.”

“Oh?” Cyril said, laying the book aside. “Have you found someone?”

“Yes and I believe he is quite the catch,” Carmen chuckled.

“Well, who is he and where does he hail from?”

“Cyril, now you know I can’t tell you all of that.”

“And why not?” Cyril demanded. “I don’t do business with just anyone!”

“I’m well aware of that, but rules are rules. If I do not have my clients’ trust, I cannot do business. Do you understand where I’m coming from?”

Cyril sighed in frustration. “Yes,” he said reluctantly. “Then, what can you tell me?”

“I can tell you that his name is Victor and he comes from an affluent family. He recently celebrated his twenty-first birthday and is looking for a good time.”

“His parents couldn’t find him someone?”

“From what he told me, they did. But, they obviously did not know his taste. That’s how he found me and in turn, I rediscovered you.”

“I see…So, how long has he been searching?”

“For about two weeks.”

“Why so long? Couldn’t he have gone to a brothel or something?”

“He did, but he is very...particular about his women.”

“How so?” Cyril asked, crossing his legs.

“He doesn’t want overused goods. You understand, right?”

“Hm…If that’s the case, I’m awfully particular about who I let sleep with my women. Describe him.” Cyril wanted to make sure that this man would be pleasing to Faye’s eye because he didn’t want her to suffer too much. Yes, it was a punishment, but he wanted to make this transition as painless as possible, despite the fact that he knew it would tear her apart. But as far as he was concerned, it had to be done.

Carmen went on to describe this Victor as handsome, tall, and athletic. Cyril demanded details, so she went further by saying he had long black hair that he often wore in a ponytail, green eyes, and a killer jaw line.

“What about his character?” Cyril asked.

“He’s a kind soul; he wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s also very intelligent.”

“Oh? What does he do besides live off his parents’ fortune?”

“Cyril, don’t be so rigid,” Carmen chided. “He does not live off of his parents’ fortune. I’ll have you know that he seeks to make his own as a lawyer instead.” She spoke of him as if he was her own son.

“He won’t make any money like that!”

“Oh, but he has and he will continue to do so, my dear. When his parents pass, he will take whatever money they leave him, but he’s not going to touch it.”

What? thought Cyril. What kind of young bachelor doesn’t spend a chunk if not, a smidgen of his inheritance? “Is he an only child?”

“Yes…How did you know?”

“I’m an only child…Similar circumstances.” Honestly, Cyril envied young Victor. He wished that he had had his discipline and wisdom when he was younger. Unfortunately, Cyril took advantage of his status as a rich, spoiled brat who had nothing withheld from him.

“I see.” A moment of silence passed before Carmen spoke again saying, “So, does he fit your criteria?”

Cyril thought about it. Being the cynical bastard he was whenever he had to give up something, he was looking for something wrong with this Victor. He couldn’t find a single problem, so he had no choice but to say, “Yes…He fits the criteria.”

“Excellent! He’ll be so pleased to hear this! When would you like us to come?”

“The sooner, the better?” Cyril said before he heard some whispering over the line.

“Would it be all right if we came tonight?”

Cyril considered it and said, “I don’t see why not.”

“Perfect! Now, remember our agreement.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll put him in the best room with the comfiest bed, the softest sofa, and provide you with the sweetest wine in my store.”

“Wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, old friend.”

“Likewise, Carmen.”


“Goodbye.” When Cyril hung up, he rested his elbow on the arm of his chair and placed his hand on his temple. He didn’t expect to hear back from Carmen so quickly. The last time they did business, he recalled that it took her at least a week to get back to him. Was it luck? Fate? He didn’t know. All he knew was that a young man was coming to claim Faye that night and he had to make all the preparations so that everything would be perfect and go according to plan.


That evening, Cyril was sitting at his desk, penning the final draft of an important letter when there came a knock on the door. “Enter,” he called as he let his pen take its final stroke upon completing his signature. The door opened and Alfred entered the room. “Good evening, Alfred. What news do you have for me?”

“Your guests have arrived and are waiting in the sitting room downstairs.”

“Ah. Well, take me to them,” Cyril said as he rose and pulled down his waistcoat.

“Yes, sir.” Alfred opened the door for Cyril and once they both were outside, he closed the door behind him. Then he escorted Cyril down the grand staircase to the sitting room. “Lord Cyril Van Tassel,” he announced as they entered the room, prompting the two guests to stand.

“Thank you, Alfred. Now, will you please go fetch Faye and take her to the designated bedroom? Her clothes should already be on the bed.”

“Yes, sir,” Alfred replied with a bow. Then he left to do as Cyril asked.

“Well,” Cyril said, rubbing his hands as he turned his attention to his guests. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Humble?” scoffed the woman who wore a form-fitting red gown with a black mink shawl. “Cyril, don’t be so full of yourself.”

“Lovely to see you, too, Carmen,” Cyril replied as he took her gloved hand and kissed it.

“But the pleasure is all mine,” Carmen purred in response as she gingerly retrieved her hand.

She was a lovely woman of the age of thirty-two, but she did not look it at all. Her face was without blemish or wrinkle and although she was plump, her body was shapely. Her skin was a lovely shade of brown, her eyes a hazel brown, and her raven black hair was in an elegant bob with not a single strand of gray. She was also the type of woman who held your attention once she had it, which was usually whenever she entered a room or made eye contact with an unsuspecting passerby. Cyril had tried reining her in a few years previous, but she made it clear that their relationship would go no further than friends and occasional business partners; that is how he came to respect her. “Cyril, meet Victor,” she said, gesturing toward the young man who stood in silence behind her.

Cyril laid eyes on him and could tell that he would do a fine job that night. He extended his hand and said, “Welcome, Victor.”

“Thank you, sir,” Victor replied as he shook Cyril’s hand firmly.

Cyril took a moment to look him over in silence after releasing his hand. He circled the man one, two, three times before he came to stand in front of him. Carmen wasn’t lying, he thought. The lad was a strapping young man, indeed. He was as tall as Cyril and slender, but athletic. He had olive skin, his hair was dark as night, and his eyes were as green as peridot. Cyril looked him up and down once more and nodded in approval. Surely, he will do nicely.

“Do you like what you see, Cyril?” Carmen asked as she placed a hand on Victor’s shoulder, bringing Cyril out of his contemplative state.

“I was just checking to see if he was everything you said he was…That he would be suitable.”

“For whom?” she said with a smirk to match.

Cyril gave her an icy glare. Of course, he knew she was playing, but he still took offense when anyone dared to imply that he was queer. He grabbed her arm as gently as possible and escorted her away from Victor, who couldn’t help but follow them with his gaze.

Once they were a fair distance away from the young man, Cyril leaned close to Carmen and whispered ever so hostilely into her ear, “Keep it up and I’ll cancel this little business transaction.”

“Cyril, you know I’m joking. Everyone knows you like women…I mean, lighten up,” Carmen said as she playfully jabbed him in the chest.

“…Carmen, you know how I feel when people make implications that my sexuality is anything other than what it is.”

“You should take it as a compliment. The fact that you are desired by both men and women is phenomenal in and of itself.”

“I don’t think so, Carmen,” Cyril replied, adjusting his tie. “I am exclusively attracted to women and women alone.”

“Alright, tiger…But, seriously, learn to take a joke.” Then she walked back over to Victor, who pulled her aside and asked if she was all right. “I’m fine, darling. Cyril wouldn’t dare hurt me.”

“Are you sure?” Victor asked, wrapping a protective arm around her as he looked at Cyril out of the corner of his eye. “He seems…rather menacing when he’s upset.”

“He’s really as meek as a lamb once you get to know him.” Then she stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “But, I know how far to go with him since I like to push his buttons for fun.”

Victor chuckled.

Suddenly, Alfred entered the room and said, “Everything is in order, sir. Is there anything else you wish for me to do?”

“No, thank you, Alfred. That will be all for the night. You are dismissed.” Alfred bowed then left the room and went back to his quarters.

“If you will follow me,” Cyril said as he gestured to the threshold. Then he led the two into the foyer, up the grand staircase, and down the hall to the right. They made a few turns here and there, but soon found themselves standing in front of a large cherry wood door.

Before opening the door, Cyril turned to Carmen and Victor, and said, “Would you mind waiting out here for a moment? I would like to make sure that everything is in order.”

“Do you not trust your own butler?” Carmen asked, raising a perplexed eyebrow.

“I trust him, but I must confirm it with my own eyes first. Then make the proper adjustments if there be any.”

“I don’t mind at all, sir,” said Victor. “Please, take your time.”

“Thank you.” Then Cyril disappeared into the room, meeting eyes with an annoyed Carmen before closing the door.

When he turned around, he was met by the pleasant scent of vanilla. He took in the atmosphere and concluded that it would be to Carmen and Victor’s liking. The color scheme was the lovely combination of cream, robin’s egg blue, and mint green. The drapes were cream with hints of the blue and green in the filigree embroidery. The same could be said of the comforter on the bed, which was accented by a mountain of pillows all cream, blue, and green with various designs on them. Underneath the comforter was a blue sheet and pillows with matching pillowcases. The lighting was dim, creating the intimate, almost romantic atmosphere.

Cyril looked up from the side of the bed and saw the cream couch directly across the room. He saw a bottle of his famous wine along with two wine glasses on the coffee table in front of it. He went over and sat on the couch. Yes, he thought. Carmen should be able to see everything from here.

“Cyril, is that you?” came a soft voice.

Cyril looked over the bed and saw Faye peeking out of the bathroom. “Yes, Faye. It’s me.” Then she came out into full view. She was wearing a baby blue robe, which came down to her knees. As she drew closer, Cyril couldn’t help but think, Victor is going to love you, my dear.

“Would you please explain to me why I’m here?” she asked as she folded her arms once she reached him.

Cyril placed his hands on her shoulders and said, “You are here on business.”

“Yes, I know. But, what kind of business?”


“Yours?” she asked with a hopeful gleam in her eyes.

“An…acquaintance of mine.”

“Oh,” she said disappointedly. “But, Cyril, you-,”

Suddenly, the door opened and Carmen barged in saying, “Cyril, how long does it take to see if everything is in place?” She looked around the room and went to sit on the couch before saying, “It looks fine to me. Let’s get started already.” Then her eyes fell on Faye. “Is this the girl you were talking about?”

“Yes,” Cyril replied pleasantly despite his annoyance with his dear friend.

Carmen poured herself a glass of wine and sipped as she studied Faye in silence. Faye didn’t like the way this woman was looking at her, but she tried not to make it too obvious. Who is she? Is she the one Cyril wants me to-?

“…She’s cute.” Maybe a little too cute, but she’ll do, she thought. “You can come in now, sweetheart.” Then Victor entered the room.

When she saw him, Faye froze. He was…gorgeous to say the least. If she weren’t so committed to Cyril, he certainly would have been next in line. “I-Is that him, Cyril?” she whispered.

“Yes, dear.”

“B-But, I-,”

“Just relax and introduce yourself,” Cyril whispered in Faye’s ear before standing upright and going to greet Victor then bring him over to Faye. Then he came to stand behind Faye.

“H-Hello,” Faye stammered as she struggled to look Victor in the eyes. “My name is Faye Baptiste.”

“Faye,” Victor repeated as he took her hand and kissed it. “Such a lovely name for such a lovely young lady.”

“Th-Thank you,” she squeaked as she quickly retracted her hand and tried to pull the robe even closer about her even though it was impossible to do so. She wondered who this strange man was, why he was there, and how did Cyril know the woman who sat on the couch, sipping the wine while watching her like a cat watched a mouse. “And you are?”

“Oh, please excuse me,” Victor said with a nervous chuckle. “It seems that I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. I am Victor. Victor-,”

“First names are fine, darling,” Carmen sang from the sofa.

“Oh, right…Shall we begin, sir?”

“But, of course,” Cyril replied with a smile on his face. “Just relax and try not to resist,” he whispered to Faye before stepping out from behind her and patting Victor on the shoulder saying, “She’s all yours.” Then he joined Carmen on the sofa and prepared to watch the scene unfold. She handed him a glass of wine and they toasted.

Although he would have preferred to have some privacy for this intimate exchange, having two people watching didn’t faze Victor. It actually boosted his confidence; he liked the attention. He approached Faye, who stood stark still as she gazed up at him with her beautiful big blue eyes. He took it that she was nervous, so he decided to warm her up with a kiss. He bent down, tilted her head back, and planted a soft gentle kiss on her lips. Despite her nerves and confusion, Faye didn’t resist, so he proceeded to deepen the kiss and run his hands down her arms then place them on her hips.

Suddenly, Faye came back to reality. She felt the lips and hands of a stranger on her and it repulsed her more than anything. She belonged to Cyril and Cyril alone. So she pushed herself away from Victor, breaking the kiss. She didn’t know what happened. Did I black out? she thought. In actuality, she did. She was so stressed that she mentally checked out and became oblivious to what was happening while her body continued to react.

“Are you all right?” Victor asked, keeping a gentle grip on Faye’s hips in case she was to fall.

“C-Cyril,” Faye called over his shoulder to Cyril who sat with an irritated expression on his face. He didn’t know why she called him. Perhaps, she was hoping he’d stop this. Victor followed her gaze.

“She’s fine, Victor,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Proceed.”

No, Faye thought. He can’t let him do this to me…H-He won’t!

Victor turned his attention back to Faye and took notice of her flushed cheeks, wide eyes, and her grip on his shirt. As far as he could tell, she was ready. So, he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Faye squeaked as she clung to him, afraid to fall because he was so tall. He laid her down gently then straddled her hips. “You’re awfully beautiful,” he whispered as he undid the sash of her robe. When he tried to open her robe, Faye grabbed his hands.

“N-No…Please don’t,” she whimpered. Her will to fight the urge to resist was slowly breaking.

“Are you shy?”


“Is this your first time?”

“…I-,” She looked away from him.

“Don’t worry, kitten…I’ll be gentle.” He pecked her on the lips and she released his hands. Then he proceeded to open the robe and feast his eyes on Faye’s sheer baby blue chemise. “Wow,” he breathed as he took in the sight of every bow, stitch, and tie. “You’re so beautiful.”

Victor leaned down and planted a kiss on Faye’s neck, eliciting a gasp from her. When he kissed her neck again, she turned her head to the side; not to give him more access, but to plead with Cyril through her eyes. She stared at him for what seemed to be forever, but he made no move, neither did he speak to end her suffering. He simply sipped his wine with an amused look in his eyes.

Carmen caught that little nonverbal exchange between Faye and Cyril and couldn’t help but think that something was wrong. She wanted to call off Victor, but she decided to wait things out.

“May I take off your robe?” Victor asked Faye. “It’s preventing me from exploring the rest of your lovely body.”

“Y-Yes,” Faye whispered as she started to tremble.

“Alright, then.” Victor removed her robe and continued his trail of kisses across the top of Faye’s chest. A strangled moan escaped Faye’s throat. She didn’t like this…not in the slightest bit. Yes, she had agreed to do anything Cyril said, but this? This was too much for her. However, she was determined not to resist as Cyril had told her. She silently vowed to go as far as she could.

Suddenly, Victor’s hands began to slide up her torso, and his thumbs grazed her nipples through the material of her chemise, causing Faye to jump. She didn’t mean to, but her nipples were very sensitive. Sadly for her, Victor wanted to drive her mad with pleasure. Because the more pleasure she had, the more she would please him. So, he pulled down her chemise and began to tease Faye’s right nipple with his tongue.

Faye’s eyes squeezed shut as she arched her back and mewled at this. Either this stranger was way too good with his hands or she was enjoying this more than she had intended. She involuntarily grabbed his head and held it there, telling him that she was ready for more.

Victor began to roll her other nipple between his index finger and thumb, eliciting a series of moans from Faye. When he felt she’d had enough, he started to tease her left nipple with his tongue. Then he ever so slowly slid his hand down to her sex and began to tease her through her panties. That started a chain reaction. In seconds, he had her writhing beneath him, whispering incoherent words as she clung to him. She was close, but he wasn’t about to let her feel release until he got his. So, he stopped teasing her, hooked his fingers in the hem of her panties, and began to pull them down.

In that moment, Faye’s eyes shot open. She looked up and saw Cyril looking down at her with a sick smile across his lips; the same smile he wore when he raped her all those many moons ago. She grabbed his hands and screamed, “No! Don’t!”

“What? What’s wrong?” Victor asked, his voice full of concern.

“G-Get off me! Get off!” she sobbed as she tried to push him away.

“I’m not hurting you am I?”

“I said get off!”she exclaimed as she swung blindly and ended up punching Victor in the eye.

“What the hell?!” he hissed. Cyril rushed over to the bed and pulled him off Faye because he wasn’t sure what the boy was going to do next. Faye then curled up into a ball and sobbed silently.

When Cyril confirmed that Victor was not going to harm Faye, he released him and asked, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. It’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“Very well, then.” Then Cyril returned to his seat beside Carmen who sat silently as she observed the situation.

When Faye recovered, she looked down at the foot of the bed and saw Victor. He had an unreadable look in his eyes, but she interpreted it as anger. She rolled over onto her side, covered her face, and sobbed, “I’m sorry.”

“A-Apology accepted,” Victor replied.

“Not just for hitting you,” she sniffled. “But also because I can’t go any further than this.”

“What’re you talking about?” Cyril hissed as he strode over to the bed, grabbed Faye by the arm, and jerked her upright. “You can and you will continue.”

“Cyril, if she doesn’t want to continue-,” Victor began.

Cyril cut him off saying, “Then, she’ll just have to endure.”

Then came a bang. It was the sound of a glass slamming down on a surface. They turned and saw an unhappy looking Carmen. Her hand was in a tight grip around the flute of her wine glass as it sat on the coffee table in front of the sofa. “Cyril, may I have a word?” she said her voice dripping with rage. He looked at her and although she kept a straight face, her gaze would have been enough to kill him if looks could kill.

“Right away.” He led Carmen outside of the room and said, “What is it, Carmen?”

“What was that?! Why did she refuse to go through with this?” she hissed. “Did you not tell her that she was meeting Victor today?” She whipped out her fan and began to fan herself because she felt a heat flash coming on.

“No,” Cyril answered honestly.

“Okay,” Carmen sighed as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. “Well, did you at least tell her that you’re considering turning her over into my care?”

“…No, Carmen.”

Carmen groaned in frustration. She was about to rub her eyes, but stopped upon remembering that she was wearing makeup. “Well, this is quite a thorny situation, Cyril.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your little servant has refused to service my client...Therefore, I cannot take her into my custody.”

“Nonsense, Carmen. I’ll just force her.”

“You will do no such thing!” Carmen yelled as she flit her fan shut and pointed it at him. “Goodness, Cyril. Have you forgotten my policy?”

He stared at her blankly.

Of course, he did, she thought with a roll of her eyes. “Well, let me remind you. My policy is that I cannot hire anyone unless they agree out of their own free will to service a potential client.”

“But, Carmen-,”

“No ‘buts’! The policy still stands and as far as I and my client are concerned, we have no business here.”

Cyril couldn’t believe this. Carmen had changed; she usually let him do whatever he thought was best for their benefit. But, now he was bound by this policy. Dammit, Faye, he thought. Before he could get to the point where he was so upset, he couldn’t think rationally, he took a deep breath and collected his thoughts. Then he looked at Carmen and said, “May I have some time alone with Faye?”

Carmen huffed as she looked away from Cyril and began to tap her foot impatiently. What good would it do? Besides, why would she let him be alone with her when he had just offered to force her into servicing Victor? She glanced at him and he was donning his best puppy eyes. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen those eyes although it was rare when she did see them. She tried to resist, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. “Oh…fine. You have five minutes.”

“Thank you, Carmen,” Cyril said as he took her hand and kissed it. Then he placed his hand on the doorknob, but before he turned it, he looked at Carmen, winked and said, “Wish me luck.” Then he disappeared into the room.

“Silver-tongued devil,” she mumbled with a shake of her head once the door closed.

Once inside the bedroom, Cyril saw that Victor was sitting on the couch and Faye was sitting on the bed. She looked so scared and confused. It hurt Cyril to see her that way, so he immediately asked Victor to step outside.

“But, why, sir?” the young man asked, clearly confused as to why Cyril would ask to be alone with his intended.

“I just need to have a moment with Faye. If you will?” Cyril asked, gesturing toward the door.

“…Very well, then.” Victor rose from the couch, strutted across the floor like a peacock doing a mating display, and left the room.

After the door closed behind him, Cyril went to sit next to Faye on the bed. She was obviously more relaxed, but he could tell that she was angry. “Faye-,”

She cut him off saying, “Cyril, how could you? Why would you do this?”

“…This is your punishment."

“Punishment?” Faye snapped. “For what?”

“For being the vengeful little whore you are.”

“But, I’m no-,”

“Remember when you promised me that you would do anything to prove your love? Anything to redeem yourself? Anything that I asked? Well, this is it, Faye. This is your moment to prove to me how much you love me.”

“B-But, how will having sex with another man prove that I love you?”

“Simple. If you don’t climax, that will be proof enough.”

“But, he’s good…”

“…Then, I guess you’ll have to try even harder, hm?”

“Cyril, why are you making me do this?” Faye choked. “I don’t want this! I’m pregnant for god’s sake!”

“I’m very much aware of that, Faye…but, how can I know for sure that the baby in your womb is mine?”

Faye’s heart sank as he dealt her that blow. “I…I can feel it. I know it’s yours, Cyril. I don’t know how else to explain it. I just know it’s yours.”

Cyril wasn’t moved by her answer. They both knew that there was no way that she could possibly know that the baby was his. But, he humored her and said, “We’ll see…But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll wriggle out of this punishment, pet.”

“But, Cyril, I-,”

“It doesn’t matter what you want,” he growled as he seized her by the neck and brought her close to him. Then he whispered ever so menacingly into her ear, “Either you agree to service Victor or suffer the consequences.” Then he held her an arm’s length away. “Am I understood?”

“Y-Yes, Cyril,” she choked as she clawed at his hand. “P-Please let go, now…I can’t breathe.”

Cyril squeezed but for a moment more then released her. She fell to the bed and coughed as she tried to regain control of her breathing. “Good girl…”

Faye wasn’t about to give up that easily. She had to try just one more time…So, she sat up and said, “Cyril, you said that you love me…If that’s true, then why are you making me go through with this?” She looked at him with tearful eyes; partially due to the fact that he had just choked her and partially due to all the emotions that reeled inside of her.

Cyril sighed. “Because you promised me that you would do anything I asked…Why can’t you do this?”

“You know why! It’s because I love you. I don’t want anyone else but you.”

“Yeah?” Faye nodded eagerly. “Well, that didn’t stop you from seducing Alfred.”

“I-I made a mistake! Please, Cyril,” she sniffled. “I’m sorry! Please don’t make me do this. I love you!” She threw herself into his arms and buried her face in his chest as she wept.

Cyril reluctantly held her as he rolled his eyes. Once she had calmed down enough, he gingerly pushed her away from him and tilted her head upwards by holding her chin. Then he looked her in the eyes and said in a soft voice, “I’m not making you do anything. You opened yourself up to this and many other possibilities when you mindlessly promised to do anything I asked of you. So, I expect to see some results…” Then he leaned closer and whispered, “Or else.”

Faye’s heart sank as she realized that there was no getting out of this situation. Her eyes flooded with tears again, but she refused to cry despite the fact that her lip was trembling terribly. How could I have been so stupid? she thought. If I hadn’t have said anything to Alfred about selling Sabina, I wouldn’t be in this mess! No – If I just would’ve stayed with Cyril that night…I wouldn’t be in this mess. As she thought of everything she could have done to prevent the situation she was in, the tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Cyril was losing his patience. “You have three minutes to pull yourself together,” he said as he rose from the bed. “Then, I’m letting them back in.”

Faye pursed her lips and choked on her sobs as she glared at Cyril. In that moment, she hated him to the core. If he really loved her, why was he making her suffer? That was the question she had in mind. She couldn’t bear the sight of him any longer, so she ran to the bathroom, slammed the door, fell to the ground and wept.

Two minutes later, Cyril knocked on the door and told her to come out because Victor and the Madam were waiting.

Faye looked at herself in the mirror. She looked horrible; her mascara was running and her eyes were puffy from all her crying. She didn’t want this; she had given her heart, body, and soul to Cyril…and this was how he repaid her? She placed a hand on her still flat tummy and whispered, “I’m sorry, little one. I wish you didn’t have to be around for this.” Then she stood upright, turned on the faucet, splashed some water on her face, and dried it off with a towel. After looking at herself one last time, she came out of the bathroom and sat at the foot of the bed, glancing at Victor expectantly.

Then Victor began to walk over toward the bed and passed Cyril as he made his way back over to the couch. Once he was seated, Carmen handed him a glass of wine. “What did you put in here?” he asked as he took it from her and inspected the glass.

“Nothing you need worry about, darling,” she replied, patting his knee. “Let’s just enjoy the show, hm?”

“Very well, then.” He sipped his wine and watched Victor stoop down in front of Faye so he was on her level.

An awkward silence filled the room as the two stared at each other. Faye’s heart was racing as Victor captivated her with his gaze. Why does he stare so? she thought as she gripped the comforter in her hands. Just get it over with, already!

Victor smiled knowingly. The poor girl in front of him was scared to death; so scared that he could hear her erratic breathing. So, he reached up to stroke her cheek, but she closed her eyes and flinched away from his touch. He proceeded and to his surprise, Faye relaxed; loosening her grip on the comforter. She stared at him in shock as she wondered what his next move was going to be.

“You’re very beautiful,” Victor said in a soothing voice as he continued to stroke Faye’s cheek.

“…Th-Thank you,” Faye said as she began to twiddle her thumbs.

Victor continued to study Faye in silence. This had to be rather hard for her considering the fact that she’d never had an audience before; or so he assumed. He also didn’t know the nature of her relationship with Cyril, but he couldn’t help but feel that they were more than what he saw on the surface. He caught her chin in his hand and brought her lips to his into a soft, sweet kiss.

Faye didn’t struggle. Neither did she recoil. She just grabbed the comforter once more and allowed Victor to do as he pleased. But, towards the middle of the kiss, she began to feel a sense of longing. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she tried to fight it despite the rate at which it was growing. She placed her hands on Victor’s chest with the intention to push him away, but her hands clawed at the material of his shirt instead.

Sensing the change in Faye’s demeanor, he picked her up, laid her down on the bed, and got on top of her as he continued to smother her with his lips.

Faye wanted him to stop now because Victor was literally taking her breath away; but, when she broke the kiss and opened her mouth to speak, a moan escaped her throat when Victor latched his lips onto her neck. “V-Victor,” she moaned.

Victor stopped his attack on her neck and said, “I’m going to make love to you now…Is that all right?”

What choice do I have? thought Faye. She nodded.

“I want to hear you say it…Is it all right if I make love to you?”

“…Y-Yes,” she choked. Then Victor began to undress her, planting tender kisses here and there, which caused Faye to gasp, mewl, and writhe. Little did she know that her pregnancy was the reason behind her sensitivity as well as Victor’s impeccable skill in pleasure.

Faye turned her head and looked at Cyril as Victor continued to worship her body. He sat with one leg crossed over the other as he watched her intently. Although he wore a stoic mask, she couldn’t help but think that he was secretly getting off on this. The Madam who sat next to him was watching carefully, as well. Despite her air of regal professionalism, Faye could tell that she was getting rather flustered by watching Victor have his way with her. She had removed her shawl and was fanning herself with her fan. She was also taking at least four sips of wine every two minutes. Perverts, Faye thought as she rolled her eyes in disgust.

Suddenly, she snapped back to reality when she felt a warm, wet, pleasant sensation between her legs. She bit her lip to stifle her moans as she tried to hold up her end of her bargain with Cyril. I-I mustn’t climax…I can’t let Cyril down. She looked down and watched helplessly as Victor devoured her.

Then he looked up and their eyes met. He took notice of her flushed face and glassy eyes and asked, “Are you enjoying this?”

Faye didn’t respond. To keep from voicing her pleasure, she groaned and plopped her head back down on the mountain of pillows.

“Do you want me to stop?” Victor asked as he ceased his sweet torture.

Faye’s head shot back up and her eyes seemed to scream no. “No, please,” she begged, her voice dripping in desire. “Don’t…Don’t stop.”

“Gladly.” Then he resumed, eliciting a gasp from Faye.

As Victor continued to please her, Faye moaned as she ground her hips to the rhythm of his tongue. He was good…Too good. He licked, nibbled, sucked, and touched her in all the right places. If he keeps this up…I’ll drop my end of the bargain, she thought. But, does it really matter if I do? She mentally shrugged and concluded that it didn’t matter at all. All she cared about was the pleasure she was receiving from this attractive stranger that she had just met not even an hour before.

Then without warning, she arched her back, dropped her jaw, and cried out in pleasure as she reached her first climax of the session. When she came down from her high, her mind was swimming as she found herself caught somewhere between reality and fantasy. “W-What happened?” she asked.

“You came,” said Cyril.

“And violently, at that,” added Victor with a smile.

“…B-But, how?” She didn’t even remember a build up to the climax.

“Penetration,” Cyril said flatly before he took a sip of his wine.

Faye tilted her head as she looked back at Victor for further explanation.

“With the tongue, kitten,” Victor explained.

That’s a first, she thought. “O-Oh,” she said softly as she tucked her hair behind her ear. Her walls were starting to go up again as she was getting more and more self-conscious with each second of awkward silence.

Victor quickly made a move to keep things going for her sake as well as his. “Well, it seems that you’re ready for me,” he said as he glanced at her womanhood, which was twitching in anticipation.

“Victor,” Faye whispered as she covered her face, embarrassed that he was so forward.

“Are you ready for me, kitten?”

Faye looked through her fingers up at him. Under normal circumstances, she’d be terrified, but Victor was just so kind. She couldn’t help but remove her hands to reveal that tears were forming at the corner of her eyes. She wanted him so badly; so much that she thought she’d die if she was so foolish to deny herself the pleasure he offered. Then she glanced at Cyril then at the Madam before she looked back at Victor with contemplative eyes. She knew that this is what they had been waiting for all this time; what they had been expecting of her. But if I go on… she thought, there’s no way I’ll be able to stop myself from coming.

Once again, she had found herself torn between her loyalty to and love for Cyril, and her lust for another man. She wrapped her arms around Victor’s neck and buried her face in his shoulder. “Yes,” she whispered. “I’m ready…Please don’t hold back.”

Victor pulled away just enough to look her in the eyes. He had to be sure that she was being sincere in her request. If he was going to go any further, it had to be because Faye wanted him; not because Cyril or anyone else wanted her to want him. He saw no sign of reluctance, so he kissed her on the forehead and said, “As you wish.” Then he sat up and began to disrobe.

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Later that afternoon, Sabina stood over the cribs of the twins, whom she had just put down for their nap. They looked so peaceful as they slept. She was glad that they were finally together again after being separated for what seemed to be forever. She had sent Alfred to ask Cyril if they could be moved to her bedroom instead of being kept in the nursery. Cyril approved and here they were sleeping soundly under the loving gaze of their mother.

Suddenly, she felt arms enclose about her waist. She turned to see that it was Lionel. He kissed her on the shoulder and said, “You’re amazing.”

“Why do you say that?” Sabina asked with a chuckle.

“…You just are. After all you’ve been through, you’re still a wonderful mother, wife, and lover. When I married you, I thought I knew you…but I was wrong. I didn’t know you until I watched you suffer. I didn’t know you until I was forced to stand back and watch as you repeatedly got knocked down only to rise like the relentless phoenix you are. Marrying you was the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

Tears were forming in Sabina’s eyes. She turned to him and cupped his face in her hands. “Lionel…”

“Come,” he said as he released her and took her by the hand. “I need to speak with you.”

“A-Alright,” Sabina said quietly. What was that about? she thought as he led her onto the balcony. He’d touched her heart and gotten her all emotional; now he wanted to talk? Way to kill the mood.

Once they were out on the balcony, Lionel let go of Sabina’s hand and walked a few paces ahead of her. Then he looked up at the blue sky, which was spotted with fluffy white clouds. Sabina watched, confused. Did he not say he wanted to talk? she thought.

So, she stepped forward and cleared her throat. He didn’t acknowledge her. She then spoke up and said, “So, what is it you wanted to discuss?” Lionel then turned to her with a sigh. He wore a stoic look on his face, indicating the subject he wanted to discuss had been weighing on his heart for some time. For how long, Sabina didn’t know, but she was curious. “…Well?”

“We need to talk about Cyril,” Lionel replied.

A shiver ran down Sabina’s spine. She wrapped her arms around herself and stammered, “W-What about him?”

“It’s not necessarily about him. It’s more about what we plan to do with him.”

“I don’t understand…What are you trying to say?”

“It appears that we may have to change our strategy. You see, Faye knows that Hope was returned and in her fit of rage, she made Cyril pretty upset. Because of that, she’s awaiting punishment.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” As far as Sabina knew, Faye was completely irrelevant in this plan. Lionel went on to explain that the original plan was to catch the two just before they could get intimate and make it so Faye had to leave the room.

“Now that she’s angered Cyril, that plan is useless.”

“I see…What does he plan to do with her?”

“I don’t know,” Lionel said with a shrug. “But it might involve him sending her away.”

“No!” Sabina hissed. “I wanted her to watch while-,” She stopped short because what she was about to say went against what her heart was saying.

Lionel seemed to read her mind and replied saying, “I know, love. But, there’s a chance that might not happen, so we need to come up with another plan…and fast. Do you have any suggestions?”

Sabina bit her lip as she thought about the words she was about to speak a few seconds before. In that moment she found herself in the middle of something that was bigger than her. Yes, she wanted Faye to suffer, but she didn’t want Cyril to die. She stole a glance at Lionel who waited patiently for her answer. He wasn’t going to like what she had to say, but he did ask for her suggestions.

She squared her shoulders and said, “Perhaps, we don’t have to kill Cyril.”

Lionel stared at her then blinked a few times as he wondered whether he had heard her correctly. “…What?”

“I said that maybe – maybe we don’t have to kill Cyril. Besides, he gave Hope back to us,” she said with half of a smile.

All he could do was stare at her in disbelief. She can’t be serious, he thought. The look in her eyes confirmed his worst fear. Unfortunately, that look wasn’t enough to convince Lionel or soften his heart. “So, you mean to tell me that you want him to live after all he’s done to you?” he asked in a calm, even voice despite his rage.

“Lionel, I’ve forgiven him. Why can’t you?”

“Because he took from me my right and duty as both a man and a husband!” he shouted.

“Lower your voice!” Sabina hissed.

As difficult as it was to harness his emotions, Lionel gained his composure and asked, “Do you know what that’s like? To be tied up and forced to watch as another man has his way with your wife? Do you have any idea how much it hurt to…to not be able to do a damn thing while he did that to you?”

“No…But, I do know what it’s like to be made a spectacle; humiliated, ashamed, violated. Then later I felt loved; appreciated…like I was worth something. I feel more like that now that I’m a mother.”

“Of his children,” Lionel said with a spiteful undertone.

“That’s not my-,”

“I’m well aware of that, but they should have been mine. Hell, they practically are mine because I’ve done more for them in just a few months than he’s done since the day they were born!”


“He sold your daughter for god’s sake! And to your former sicker master of all people! What kind of father would do that, Sabina?” Lionel asked, waving his hands about as he spoke.

“That may be true, but he got her back and I think that it’s only right to spare his life in return!”

“And reward him for all the hell he put you through? He caused you physical and emotional pain, but yet and still you want him to live? Why are you trying so hard to defend him when you know that he deserves to die?”

“Because he’s changed!” she exclaimed. “He’s not the way he used to be.”

Lionel did not buy this statement and he didn’t believe that there was anything Sabina could say that would change his mind. “Is that so?”


“Then how, pray tell, has he ‘changed’?”

“Well, he…He’s not violent or controlling. He actually seems to care and shows genuine interest in you. And he’s given us our daughter back, which was more than we could ever ask for. If he could do that, what more do you think he’d be willing to do?”'

“What do you mean?” Lionel asked, his interest piquing.

“Lionel, the last I heard, Cyril loves me. We could use that to our advantage.”

“Go on…”

“All I have to do is ask and maybe – just maybe he will grant us our freedom.”

Lionel considered Sabina’s idea as he stroked his goatee. It was a rather brilliant idea, but it wasn’t unflawed. “That’ll never work.”

“How do you know?” Sabina spat, placing her hands on her hips.

“Do you honestly think that Cyril would willingly let you and his children walk out of those double doors?”

“It’s possible-,”

“And once he finds out I was alive this whole time, then what?”

“It’s not like I’ll mention your name!”

“I’m sorry, Sabina,” Lionel said, turning away from her. “But, he has to die.”

That was it. Sabina couldn’t contain her rage any longer. “Why are you so bent on revenge? He’s changed, dammit!” she yelled, causing Lionel to turn and face her.

“I don’t want him to live to harm another woman or girl again. You said the same not too long ago.”

“But, he won’t!”

“Sabina,” Lionel sighed, “why are you so adamant about this? It’s almost like you-,” His voice trailed off.

“Like I what?” she spat.

Lionel stared at her for a moment, looking for any trace of evidence that could prove what he was about to say. “It’s almost like you’re still in love with him…Are you?”

“No! I just don’t think it’s fair that you’re trying to kill him like a dog after he got us our daughter back.”

“Was it fair for him to rape you while I watched? Or how about when he made you bear his children?”

“Lionel, that was then! How many times must I tell you that I’m over all that?”

“If you’re over it, then it shouldn’t matter if he dies!”

Sabina had had enough. She realized that there was no convincing Lionel; he was so wrapped up in his own agenda that there was no getting to him. So, Sabina simply shook her head and stormed back into the bedroom. Lionel followed, unsure of whether or not he’d won the argument.

“Sabina,” he called after her once they were back inside. She didn’t answer him as she went over to Hope’s crib. “What’re you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” she hissed as she picked up Hope and then baby Lionel.

“There’s no need to be rash…” She rolled her eyes at him. “What did I say? What did I do?” he asked as he started to walk toward her. Sabina took a step back and he stopped.

“…If you must ask, then you are a fool.” Then she turned and began to walk toward the door.

Before she could reach the door, Lionel ran to it and blocked her path. “Where are you going?”

“Away from you. Now, move.”

“Sabina, please.”

“Move,” she growled. Lionel acquiesced, but had the decency to open the door for her.

Once he had cleared the way, Sabina went down the hall to Mariam’s room, knocked, and was welcomed with open arms, leaving Lionel to ponder what went wrong.

Once Sabina was gone from his sight, Lionel closed and locked the bedroom door before he began pacing about the room, racking his brain as he tried to process what just happened. Sabina just stormed out after trying to protect Cyril. And Lionel couldn’t understand why. In his eyes Cyril was nothing but a manipulative, sadistic, over-zealous, narcissistic bastard who was more than worthy of death.

Why can’t Sabina see him for what he is? he thought. He considered the possibility that Sabina could have been right; that Cyril could have changed. Lionel immediately shook that thought from his mind. No. Once a liar, murderer, and rapist…always a liar, murderer, and rapist.

He had something ready for Cyril and he was going to give it to him with or without Sabina’s blessing.


That evening, Mariam stood in the kitchen preparing tea as Sabina was in the other room, putting the twins down for bed. Making tea was her way of keeping herself and those in her company calm in times of strife. Thinking back to when Sabina first arrived, she could tell that something was wrong by the look in Sabina’s eyes. They say that one’s eyes never lie. Although Sabina was trying to hide it, Mariam knew that she was troubled. Her thoughts were confirmed after she had let Sabina in and asked what was wrong. Sabina immediately averted the question and placed all of her attention on the twins.

Mariam just made herself busy as she thought, She’ll tell me when she’s ready. She sighed contentedly after placing the tea cups on the tray, completing her ritual. Then she turned to go place it on the coffee table in the small sitting area she had in the middle of the room. To her surprise, Sabina was sitting there in silence, staring in the distance. Mariam went over, placed the tray on the table, and asked, “Are the twins comfortable?”

“Yes,” Sabina replied. “Thank you. I’m sorry to disturb you like this, but-,”

“You are not disturbing me, darling,” Mariam said as she sat down then began to pour the tea. “Besides, I enjoy your company.” She handed Sabina her cup and saucer then began to pour her own cup. “So, what is troubling you, dear?” Sabina opened her mouth to deny this fact, but Mariam cut her off saying, “I saw past the indifferent look in your eyes and the smile you plastered on your lips when you first entered through the door, love. Don’t feel like you are being a burden when you voice your problems to me. I told you when you first arrived here at the mansion that I am here to help you in whatever capacity you may need.”

Sabina pursed her lips as she thought of what Mariam had just said. Every word she’d spoken was bathed in love and kindness. She was neither chiding, nor patronizing in her delivery. Her intent was to let Sabina know that she was safe and that she was loved; and Sabina appreciated that. So, she took a deep breath and said, “It’s Lionel.”

Mariam wasn’t surprised, but she was curious. She took a sip of her tea and asked, “What about him?”

Sabina didn’t want to jeopardize Lionel’s life by revealing too much about his plan. So, she settled on saying, “We had an argument; some things were said that I do not wish to repeat and now I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

“How so?”

Keep it together, Sabina, she thought as she was fighting the oncoming flood of tears. “L-Lionel’s given me an ultimatum…and I don’t think I can choose,” she choked.

Mariam looked at Sabina sympathetically. She didn’t know what to do or say in this situation. What could she say? Sitting before her was a scared young woman whose heart was breaking with each passing moment. Mariam loved her like a daughter and wanted nothing more than to protect her from all harm, but there wasn’t much she could do except be there for her. Mariam rose with a sigh, went around the table, sat beside Sabina, and embraced her. “The answer will come, darling. All you can do is wait.”

Sabina relaxed into Mariam’s motherly embrace. The sound of her heartbeat soothed her and brought a peace that kept her tears from falling. When she’d regained her composure, she gently pulled away and said, “Thank you, Mariam.”

“You’re welcome, darling. Would you like some more tea?”

“Yes, please,” Sabina replied with a smile. Mariam poured Sabina another cup and the two were able to enjoy each other’s company now that all tension was relieved.


Cyril had just gotten off the phone with a very good friend of his, whom he had done business with in the past. As he rested his head against the back of his chair, he tried to remember when they last saw each other. He had no recollection. But as fate would have it, they would be meeting again very soon, but he didn’t know how soon. Mostly for business, but also some pleasure. His friend needed time to do some checks and balances and see if they could find a person of interest. When all that was squared away, his friend promised that they would arrange a meeting; preferably at Cyril’s mansion. All that was required was a bedroom, a sofa, and some of Cyril’s famous red wine, which Cyril was more than happy to supply.

Although he was somewhat leery about this transaction, Cyril tried to remain optimistic, clinging to the possibility that maybe he would benefit just as much as he hoped his friend and their client would. He rose from his seat with a contented sigh, turned off the lamp on the desk, left the office, went to his room, and retired; reminiscing about the good old days he’d spent with his friend and looking forward to their next meeting.


Even later that evening, Sabina awoke with a start. At first she wondered why she was awake at that hour and when she couldn’t figure out why, she tried going back to sleep only to lie awake for ten minutes. She threw the covers off herself with a huff and began to pace about the sitting area. She was mindful to tread lightly as not to wake Mariam or the twins.

Eventually, she concluded that she wanted to return to her bedroom. She wanted to see if Lionel had changed his mind at all. She doubted this fact, but she needed to hear two words – Two words that would let her know that he respected her position whether he agreed or not. Before she left, she wrote Mariam a note to let her know that she’d be back for the twins in the morning and left it on her nightstand.

When Sabina reached her bedroom door, she had her hand on the doorknob and was ready to turn it, but she didn’t. The reason why she didn’t enter the room boldly was because she wasn’t sure what was waiting for her on the other side. Was Lionel asleep or awake? Worried or angry? Remorseful or indifferent? She didn’t know whether she was entering a safe haven or a battlefield. There’s only one way to find out, she thought. She took a deep breath, turned the doorknob, and entered the room.

Once inside, Sabina was surprised to see that Lionel was awake. She saw his head snap up upon her entrance into the room. She also saw a hint of a smile on his lips. Lionel stood to his feet and quickly closed the distance between them.

“Sabina, I missed you,” he began as he moved to embrace her, but she didn’t return the gesture, causing him to stop. She wasn’t even looking him in the eye. “S-Sabina…what’s wrong?”

Instead of answering his question, Sabina went to her dresser, got her nightclothes, and went to the bathroom. Lionel raced after her, demanding to know why she wasn’t speaking to him, but he received no answer. He only got a door closed and locked in his face. “Sabina,” Lionel said, running his hand down the door. “Sabina, I just want to talk…Let me in!” He heard the shower start. He continued to talk through the door for ten minutes only to give up after receiving no acknowledgement from Sabina whatsoever. He couldn’t tell which was worse: Having Sabina walk out on him or ignore him.

When Sabina emerged from the bathroom, Lionel sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. She didn’t say a word to him, but he was happy to see her let alone, make eye contact. She came near and when he moved to embrace her, she went around to the other side of the bed, pulled back the covers, and got in with her back facing Lionel. Lionel was speechless. He concluded that not being able to hear Sabina’s voice due to the fact that she chose not to speak to him was the second worst thing to happen to him. It was then that he knew what he had to do.

Lionel cleared his throat and said, “Sabina…” She didn’t move to indicate that she had heard him, but he knew she did. “Sabina, I know it may not sound like much, but I’d like to say that I’m sorry…I’m sorry for being so stubborn that I wasn’t willing to see things from your point of view.” He sighed as he thought about what he was about to say next. “I know that Cyril…holds a place in your heart. I may never understand why that may be, but I want you to know that I respect you and your thoughts concerning his life. I’m sorry that our views may conflict, but…we’ll get through it. Somehow.” He waited for a response for what seemed to be an eternity. Just when he was about to kiss her good night, she turned to look up at him and she had the most beautiful smile on her face.

“Thank you, Lionel,” she said sweetly. “I accept your apology.”

Hearing those seven words was like music to Lionel’s ears. It felt like hell not to have Sabina look at him, speak to him, or even touch him. Now that she was looking at him and speaking to him, he had to feel her touch. He couldn’t help himself. He collapsed on top of her, being careful not to crush her and kissed her face lovingly, causing Sabina to giggle as his stubble tickled her face. “Don’t you ever stop talking to me again!” he all but choked.

“I won’t unless you give me a reason to.” Lionel chuckled in response. They were now staring into each other’s eyes, exchanging sweet nothings. “Was it really that unbearable?” Sabina asked as she ran a hand through Lionel’s hair.

“The worst!”

“Don’t be so melodramatic,” she scoffed.

“It’s true! Imagine me walking out on you then returning so many hours later without so much as acknowledging your presence. You didn’t look at me – if you did, it wasn’t for long – you didn’t speak to me, and you didn’t touch me!”

“Now, which is worse? Not having me speak, see, or touch you?”

Is this a trick question? thought Lionel. “Well, if you couldn’t see me due to blindness, I wouldn’t mind. But, I couldn’t live without hearing your voice because it’s so beautiful and I really love the sound of you screaming my name,” he said, planting a tender kiss on her neck.

“What of touch?” Sabina breathed, subconsciously turning her head to give Lionel more access.

“If you were never to touch me again…I don’t know what I’d do.”

Sabina looked Lionel in the eyes. The big brown orbs seemed to hold a sad story that Sabina needed to hear. So, she asked, “Why?”

“Because no one has ever loved me the way you do. Your touch is the manifestation of real love. I don’t care what it was that I needed, but whenever I needed it, your hands, your arms…your being made sure I had it. If I needed comfort, your arms held me. If I was crying, your fingers wiped away my tears. And if I need to vent my frustrations…you allow me.”

“So, it sounds like losing my touch would be the hardest for you.”

“Yes, but losing all three would kill me.”

“I see…” Sabina looked up at Lionel lovingly as she aimlessly traced his jaw line. Once again, he had won her back with his words alone. There was no doubt in her mind that he had meant every word that he said. Yes, their views still differed, but they would work around that. For now, she was happy just to lay with him and enjoy his company.

“Oh, Sabina,” Lionel sighed as he planted a soft kiss on her lips. “Promise you’ll never do that again,” he whispered against her lips before he covered them with his again.

Sabina was falling a little faster than she hoped. She broke the kiss and panted, “I-I promise. Lionel-,” Then he kissed her again, biting and sucking her bottom lip; causing Sabina to moan into his mouth. She subconsciously opened her legs and Lionel began to grind against her. She could feel him through the material of his trousers and her nightgown. Her eyes shot open and she immediately began to push him away.

Lionel broke the kiss and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“L-Lionel, we can’t,” Sabina stammered. “It’s been a long day a-and I’m tired. So, can we please just stop here?”

Lionel looked at the beautiful mess he had just begun to make of his wife. Her hair was tousled, her eyes were just beginning to glaze over, her face was flushed, and he could see her nipples standing on end through her nightgown. There was no way he could stop with her looking like this. “And leave you like this?” he asked, pinching a nipple, causing Sabina to yelp.

“I won’t forgive you if you don’t!” she hissed.

Lionel looked at her as if she were mad. “As if you’d be able to forgive me if I stopped here. Look at you, Sabina. You’re practically begging me to have my way with you and you want me to stop just as it’s starting to get good to us both?”

“Lionel, please,” Sabina whimpered. Yes, it felt good and she wanted him terribly, but she was tired after all the excitement that day.

“Please what?”

Sabina bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut as she wrestled with her desire. “D-Don’t go any further,” she said, her voice no louder than a whisper.

“Your lips and your body are saying two different things, love. I want to please you. I really do, but you’re making it awful difficult…What do you want me to do?”

Sabina hated to admit it, but Lionel was right. She was sending mixed messages, but it wasn’t her fault. She wanted him badly, but all the excitement earlier that day had worn her out. She was contemplating a way to try to talk herself out of this when suddenly, Lionel moved against her, eliciting a moan from her.

“Well?” he asked, as he moved his hips in a slow, tantalizing, deliberate manner.

Sabina was trembling like a leaf. Her desire was growing stronger with every passing second and her fatigue was transforming into energy. She accepted her fate and whispered, “I want you…But, what about-,”

“Don’t worry about me…I’m here for you. Just tell me what you want.”

Sabina had forgotten how vulnerable she was in her current position. She couldn’t remember the last time she was on the bottom, but it felt right to her. She gazed up at Lionel and he looked so confident and powerful; he had the power to make or break her and he was asking her what she wanted. He always was a giver, she thought. She remembered that he had said that he lived to please her. Then, please me he will. “I want it hard…and fast.”

“No mercy?” Lionel asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“No mercy.”

He looked down at his beloved wife with a smirk and thought, Well, you won’t be getting any sleep tonight, missy. “…Alright, then.” He began by lifting the hem of Sabina’s nightgown then he rid himself of his pants. After positioning himself between Sabina’s legs, he pinned her hands on either side of her head. Then without a warning, he buried himself deep inside of her, causing Sabina to bite her lip in an attempt to stifle a moan.

Lionel didn’t move in order to give Sabina and himself a moment to adjust. Not only was she tight, but this was the first time they had ever skipped foreplay, so he was trying his best to make it as painless as possible for them. Especially for Sabina. When he felt ready to move, he asked, “Do you want me to keep going?”

“Y-Yes,” Sabina panted. Lionel was about to move, but she stopped him saying, “A-And you don’t always have to ask, you know…You know what I like and I trust you.”

Lionel nodded and prepared to make his move. “If it’s too painful, tell me and I’ll stop,” he said and Sabina nodded.

Hard and fast, he thought. He pulled out slightly before thrusting deep and hard, making Sabina gasp as she looked up at him with longing eyes. Then he did it again and she whimpered. He was about to do it again when Sabina cried, “Lionel, don’t tease me! Just love me, already!”

He gave her an apologetic look and replied, “Alright, love, alright.” She wanted it hard and fast, so that’s exactly how he was going to give it to her. And he did; without a warning, he thrust deep inside of her, causing Sabina’s back to arch and her jaw to drop. He had found her center; that is how well he had grown acquainted with her body. Once again, he stilled to help her adjust and kissed her neck as he waited. When she wrapped her legs around his waist, he took it as clearance for him to continue. He started out slowly then began to pick up speed until he found the right rhythm to bring out the melody of Sabina’s sensual song that never seemed to be the same as any other song she’d sung before.

Sabina was so high on the pleasure that she couldn’t see straight. It just felt so…good; like nothing she’d ever felt before. She was actually glad that she’d given in to Lionel. Otherwise, she would have missed out on all this. As she lay under Lionel, taking all he had to offer as his weight bore down on her, Sabina could feel his grip on her wrists tighten. He was close…She could feel it. She was close, too. But, she couldn’t help but think, How dare he even think about climaxing before me.

“Lionel,” Sabina moaned as she struggled against his grip. He didn’t respond. He was too lost in the pleasure to hear her. Even if she did speak, he heard it as a lustful whisper or a satisfied moan. “Lionel, please,” she whined.

Suddenly, he silenced her with a kiss as he released his grip on her wrists and slowly ran his hands down her forearms, across her arms, and up her neck. Sabina turned her head, breaking the kiss as she giggled upon feeling Lionel’s fingertips caress her neck. Her neck was one of the many places she was ticklish. Lionel then kissed her on the cheek and slowly ran his fingertips lower and lower.

Sabina arched her back and moaned as Lionel gently caressed her nipples. He knew that she loved it when he teased her breasts, so he decided to cater to her. Sabina was amazed at how attentive Lionel was being to her when he seemed so lost in the moment just a moment before. “A-Ah!” she squeaked as she felt Lionel take her nipple into his mouth and began to suck it. “L-Lionel~~!” She was trying her best to hold out just a little longer, but Lionel was making it very difficult. She tried to pull him off her nipple, but he wouldn’t stop sucking. Just when Sabina had given up, he switched to the other nipple and began to roll the other between his fingers, driving her even closer to the edge.

Sabina was panting like crazy. She was so close to her climax that she could almost taste it. She was screaming, writhing, and moaning as Lionel drove her wild with pleasure. She was biting his earlobe, scratching his arms, and whispering loving words into her husband’s ear. Yes, Sabina wanted her release, but she was trying to hold on for the sake of staying high on this pleasure. But, Lionel just wouldn’t let up.

Suddenly, he gripped her hips and after three thrusts, he hit the spot that drove every woman crazy the final time and sent Sabina into a fit of electric spasms as she squealed upon reaching her first, second, and third climax. Her inner walls clenched about Lionel and despite his wishes, he reached his climax and gently collapsed on top of Sabina.

When Sabina descended from Olympus, she took a moment to look at Lionel whose head lay on her chest. He wasn’t asleep; at least not yet. As she studied his face, Sabina couldn’t help but think that no matter how many times Lionel brought her pleasure, she couldn’t understand how he was so good at it. Yes, she taught him somewhat, but as of late, it seemed like he knew what she wanted before she even asked. That scared her a little, but it also made her love him even more. Sabina moved slightly and felt that Lionel was still erect whilst inside her. Although she had just come down from the mountain, she wanted to go back up, so she gently caressed Lionel’s face; rousing him from his half slumber.

“Hello, gorgeous,” Lionel said with a sleepy smile.

“Hi,” she said shyly, despite the fact that she didn’t have a shy bone in her body.

An awkward moment of silence passed and Lionel could tell she wanted something. So he asked, “You want to go another round?”

“Please?” Sabina asked in the most dignified way she could muster; the last thing she wanted was to sound desperate.

Lionel sighed. He was tired, but he did promise to cater to Sabina. However, he also wanted to tease her…just a little bit before he fulfilled her request. So, he asked, “What would you do if I refused?”

“You wouldn’t!” Sabina said, offended that he would even ask such a question.

“…Or would I?” Lionel said with a devilish grin. “I’m kidding, darling. I’d never refuse you. But, tell me: Why should I give you what you want?”

“…You were the one who started it all, Lionel,” she said matter-of-factly. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be begging for another go.

Lionel stopped to think about it. She’s right, he thought. I did wake the beast, so now I must feed her. “Very well, then.” He assumed the position and was about to ask whether she wanted it fast or slow, but stopped himself. Sabina’s words came to his mind: “You don’t always have to ask…” He grabbed Sabina’s legs, placed them at his hips, and she wrapped her legs around him; drawing him closer to her. Then he pushed himself inside and they picked up where they left off. He started out slow and gentle before picking up speed and making Sabina scream.

Sadly, Lionel had forgotten how good it felt to be the source of one’s pleasure. Sabina was clearly lost in the pleasure he was showering her with. It did Lionel good to know that he could keep her coming back for more even though she liked to play hard to get sometimes. He noticed that Sabina’s eyes were squeezed shut and she was leaving marks all over his body as she whispered, moaned, and silently screamed his name. She had never closed her eyes before when they’d been intimate. The only time she had ever closed her eyes was either when they kissed or if she was climaxing. Something didn’t feel right; Lionel couldn’t help but feel like Sabina was making love to someone else in her mind.

No, he thought as he pushed that slanderous thought out of his mind. She loves me…and me alone. Whether or not she was thinking of someone else, he would never know. He just continued to love her all through the night into the early morn until she had fallen asleep in his arms. Before the arms of sleep could envelope him, Lionel managed to place a kiss on Sabina’s forehead. Then he drifted off to sleep and dreamt a pleasant dream; a dream where he, Sabina, and the twins were in a far off land where the mansion and all the memories associated with it was nothing but a memory.

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The next morning, Cyril rose with the sun. He sat up in bed with a groan as he squinted at the pale blue early morning sky through his window. Unfortunately, he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. He woke up several times during the evening, leaving him feeling awful sluggish. But, he had to get up then or else the proper preparations could not be made for his guest he was expecting in a little less than three hours. So, he forced himself out of bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up for the long day ahead. As he got ready, he couldn’t help but smile a few times as he thought of Sabina and the look he’d see on her face once she saw what he had in store for her.

When Cyril had finished dressing, he gave himself a once-over in the mirror and left the room and began his search for either Mariam or Alfred. He managed to find Alfred first, so he greeted him saying, “Good morning, Alfred.”

“Good morning, sir,” Alfred replied with a smile as he stopped his work. He was relieved to see Cyril looking so cheerful after he looked so dismal the night before. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very. And did you?”

“Yes, I did.” Alfred saw a hint of urgency on Cyril’s face. So, he asked, “What can I do for you this morning, sir?”

“I need you to send for Sabina. Tell her to meet me in the foyer in an hour. I have a surprise for her.”

“Right away, sir.”

“Thank you.” And off Alfred went. He knew that Cyril was expecting a guest that day, but what he couldn’t figure out was who this person was or how they were connected to Sabina.

When he reached Sabina’s room, he knocked and she answered a few moments later. “Good morning, Sabina,” he said with a warm smile.

“Alfred?” Sabina said as she tried to rub the sleep from her eyes. “What are you doing here? Is Lionel all right?”

“No need to worry. Young Lionel is fine. I come with a message from Cyril.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“It seems that Master Van Tassel has requested that you meet him in the foyer in an hour.”

“Why? What for?” Sabina asked in alarm.

“It’s all right, dear. There’s no need to worry. He has a surprise for you.”

Sabina raised an eyebrow. A-A surprise? she thought. What is he up to, now?

“Will you be there?” Alfred asked, causing Sabina to come back to reality.

“…Y-Yes. Yes, I will.”

“Good. I’ll let the Master know. Goodbye, Sabina.”

“Bye, Alfred.” Then she closed the door and leaned against it as she ran a hand through her hair. She didn’t know what to make of this surprise Cyril had for her let alone, if she’d like it or not. But, then again, it was Cyril; so he would make sure she would like it. The main thing that bothered her was Cyril’s motive. She couldn’t figure out what it was or if he even had one.

I don’t have time to think about this, she thought. I have to get ready. So, she went to the bathroom and showered. When she emerged and began dressing, Lionel began to stir.

He sat up and stretched before looking to his right and seeing Sabina slip a pale blue sundress over her head. “You’re up early,” he said sleepily.

“Good morning, love,” Sabina replied before going to him and giving him a kiss on the lips. When she moved to continue getting ready, Lionel held her in place and proceeded to deepen the kiss. Sabina humored him for a moment then gingerly pushed him away saying, “I’m sorry, but we can’t right now.”

“Why not?” Lionel said playfully as he held her even tighter. “ Do I bore you?”

“No, Lionel. It’s because I have to meet someone…and I don’t want to be late,” she said as she pried his arm from around her and attempted to put her hair in a bun. It didn’t stay, so she tried a ponytail instead.

“Oh?” Lionel asked, raising an eyebrow. “And who might this someone be?”

Sabina huffed as she was getting frustrated with how uncooperative her hair was being as well as the fact that she’d have to tell Lionel the truth. She pulled out her ponytail and let her hair fall into a cascade of honey-blonde waves about her shoulders before turning to Lionel and saying, “It’s Cyril, okay?”

“Sabina,” Lionel began in a tone that indicated he was about to lecture her.

But, Sabina cut him off saying, “He said he has a surprise for me…Or at least that’s what Alfred said he said.

Lionel hated Cyril and everything he stood for with his whole being, but he hated the thought of Sabina being anywhere near him even more; knowing the effect Cyril seemed to have on her. If he was going to let her go, he needed to know the nature of said surprise. “Do you have any idea what this surprise entails?”


“How about a potential motive Cyril may have?”

“No, but-,”

“Then, I’m afraid I can’t let you go.”

“That’s not for you to decide, Lionel! Besides, I already said I’d be there!”

“Sabina, why would you do that?” Lionel exclaimed as he hopped out of bed and crossed the floor to stand with his face only inches from Sabina’s.

Sabina instinctively took a step back, taking in Lionel’s body language and tone of voice; both of which screamed jealousy and passion. She had seen Lionel’s protective side, but never like this; this was protective coupled with fury. She gained the courage to look him in the eyes and asked, “…Why are you acting like this?”

“Because I don’t trust Cyril…Especially around you.”

“Huh…Now, is it him that you don’t trust…Or is it me?”

“I—Sabina—,” he stammered as he tried so desperately to find an answer for her.

“I knew it,” Sabina said with folded arms.

“Sabina, you know what happened the last time you two met. You almost gave in to him!”

“But, I didn’t!” she hissed. “Yes, I came close, but I stopped myself because I love you…Not him. You can trust me, Lionel.” She moved to stroke his cheek, but he pulled away from her. “Lionel, look at me.” He refused. “Look. At. Me…Please?” He reluctantly did so. “Do you remember what I said to you after you completed your training?”

“…No, I don’t believe I do,” he said sarcastically.

Sabina sighed and rolled her eyes. Then she stroked his cheek and said, “Then, let me remind you. I said that you were my one and only lover; the only one who could please me like no other…I meant it then and I still do. Whether or not you believe me is up to you, but I’m still going to see what Cyril has for me.” She went to the mirror to look herself over one last time. After fixing her hair to her liking, she left without another word.

As she went, Sabina couldn’t help but wonder if she had been too harsh with Lionel, but she dismissed the thought, justifying her actions by thinking, All I did was tell him the truth. Besides, he’ll get over it. If he doesn’t believe me, I suppose I’ll just have to work even harder to regain his trust.

When she reached the grand staircase, she took a deep breath and said a prayer of preparation for she had no idea what was waiting for her at the bottom of those stairs. After whispering her “amen,” she descended the stairs and was surprised to see Cyril waiting for her. Once she reached the bottom, Cyril extended his hand and once she took it, he said, “Sabina, darling! I’m so glad you decided to come.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Cyril. You don’t even know if I’ll like your surprise,” Sabina replied matter-of-factly.

“I don’t know, Sabina,” he said with a shrug. “I have a feeling you’ll like this one. Shall we?”

“Please.” With that, Cyril placed her hand on his arm and escorted her to the sitting room; the same one where he sold Hope those many months ago. Sabina hissed in pain and stopped just in front of the threshold as the memories from that night flooded her mind.

“Are you all right?” Cyril asked, his voice full of concern.

She placed a hand to her head as she tried to push the memories back to that dark corner of her mind and stop the throbbing pain that came with them. After a moment or two, the pain left her and she could see straight again. “…Yes,” she panted.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Sabina sniffled. “I’m fine…Thank you.” Then the two entered the sitting room arm-in-arm.

Upon entering  the room, Sabina sensed that they weren’t alone. She looked to her left and confirmed that notion. There in front of the window stood a gentleman with his back toward them. Something about this man seemed familiar, but she wasn’t sure how or why.

“I’m sorry we kept you waiting, Lars,” Cyril said as he released Sabina’s arm.

Sabina’s eyes grew large with both rage and confusion as she wondered why Lars was there.

“It’s all right, Cyril,” Lars replied as he turned to face them. Sabina glared at him, but her expression changed to one of pure surprise once she saw what or who he was holding in his arms. It was little Hope. “I’m not in any rush…Hello again, Sabina.”

She couldn’t speak. Neither could she move despite the urge she had to run to Hope, snatch her away from Lars, and smother her with kisses. Is this…real? thought Sabina as she stood frozen in the threshold. Is this really happening?

“Surprise,” said Cyril as he came along side of Sabina and placed his hand on the small of her back, ushering her toward the center of the room.

“I-I don’t know what to say,” she stammered as she found the strength to speak. Once they were in front of Lars, Sabina reached out to take Hope from him and asked, “M-May I?” Her eyes shifted from Lars to Hope and back.

Lars stole a glance at Cyril who nodded and he gave Hope to Sabina. Once she was in her mother’s arms, Hope babbled with what seemed to be delight. “Oh, sweetheart, how I missed you!” Sabina exclaimed as tears of joy began to flow from her eyes. Then she proceeded to cover Hope’s face with kisses. In response, Hope ran her chubby little hand down her mother’s cheek as if to say: “I missed you, too.”

While the two got reacquainted, Cyril and Lars stood back and sipped some orange juice as they watched the beautiful reunion unfold. This was the happiest either one had ever seen Sabina. Despite the gladsome occasion, much needed to be discussed. Lars, with his eyes never leaving Sabina, leaned over to Cyril and whispered, “She is aware that this is just a visit, correct?”

“…I’m sorry, but no. She doesn’t,” Cyril admitted. Lars frowned at him and he quickly explained, “I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I suggest you do the same and allow her to enjoy her time with her – our daughter.”

Lars opened his mouth to retort, but he decided against it and watched Sabina interact with Daliah. She looked so…happy. More so than what he had imagined. But, why wouldn’t she be happy? he thought. She’s seeing her daughter for the first time in…forever. Thinking back to the moment Sabina first entered the room, he saw the change in her demeanor. She wanted to kill him upon sight, but when she laid eyes on her baby girl, she was overwhelmed with joy. Lars noticed a change in Daliah as well. Although she usually seemed content with Abigail, his wife, Daliah was elated in Sabina’s presence. She was more animated as she smiled, babbled, and such.

As he watched Sabina kiss Daliah’s face, sing to her, and hug her as if she were afraid to lose her, Lars couldn’t help but feel some compassion. He could literally feel the love emanating from Sabina just as well as he could see it and it caused him to think. What a wretched man am I, he thought as he realized the err of his ways upon watching this scene unfold before his eyes. When he purchased Daliah, he had stepped between a mother and her daughter; something that never should have happened. But despite the distance between them, the bond between Sabina and Daliah did not break. What he had originally intended to destroy beat the odds of time and distance. Now, he wanted to redeem himself.

Lars set aside his glass and placed a hand on Cyril’s shoulder, whispering, “May I speak with you in private?”

“Of course.” Cyril finished what was left of his orange juice, put down the glass, and led the way to the foyer, away from Sabina and Hope. Once they were out of earshot, Cyril asked, “What is it you wish to discuss?”

“…It’s Daliah – I mean, Hope. I no longer wish to keep her away from Sabina. After seeing the way she was with her…” He shook his head. “Let’s just say my heart has been touched and I am greatly moved with compassion.”

“…So, are you saying that you wish to return her?”

“Yes, I am.”

“How much do you want?” Cyril asked as he reached for his wallet, but Lars stopped him.

“I don’t want your money, Cyril. I just want Sabina and Hope to be happy.”

Cyril was at a loss for words. He didn’t know how to respond to such a statement. “Th-Thank you, Lars. But, what about Abigail? Has she not grown attached to Hope and adopted her as her own daughter? What will she say?”

Lars cringed at the thought of telling his wife. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.” He was sure that once he told her, his life would be required of him. If not, he wagered that no amount of explaining would be enough to appease his wife or convince her to forgive him. Oh, well, he thought before stealing a glance at the sitting room where he saw Sabina pass the threshold as she gently bounced Hope in her arms. “…I ought to be going now.”

“So soon? Don’t you want to stay for a glass of brandy or a game of chess?”

“Tempting, but I have no reason to draw out my stay. I’ve done all that I…didn’t necessarily plan to do. Besides, I think Sabina has seen enough of me already. Once again, it’s been lovely doing business with you, my friend,” Lars said with a smile as he extended his hand.

“Likewise,” Cyril replied, shaking Lars’ hand.

“Take care of them…Especially Sabina; she has the makings of a queen, so don’t deny her any good thing. Do you understand?”

Cyril wasn’t sure what Lars meant by that. He was tempted to ask, but his pride got in the way and he replied, “I understand.” I’ll figure it out, he thought.

“Good. Then, I’ll be off.” Cyril then showed Lars to the door, gave his final word of thanks, and Lars left with his head held high.

Once he closed the door behind him, Cyril let out a huge sigh of relief. That was not something he expected to happen so quickly. Going into that meeting, he had hoped that all would go well, but he didn’t think it would happen the way it did. He was sorry for doubting. He inwardly rejoiced knowing that his prayer was answered. So, he adjusted his jacket then walked into the sitting room with his hands behind his back. There, he found Sabina sitting on the sofa gazing lovingly at her daughter.

“Are you enjoying your surprise?” Cyril asked as he strolled behind the sofa and rested his hands on it as he gazed down at a happy Hope.

“Oh, yes. I am,” Sabina said, her eyes never leaving Hope’s face. “How did you-,”

“All it took was a phone call; not hard at all.”

“Well, I thank you,” Sabina said as she turned to look at Cyril. “I needed this.”

“Anything for you, love,” Cyril said with a smile.

Sabina then looked around the room and felt something was amiss. “Where’s Lars? I figured he’d be here watching me like a hawk.”

“He had to step out.”

“Oh? When will he be back?” Sabina asked, turning her attention back to Hope.

“He won’t.”

Sabina froze. Did she hear him correctly? She turned her whole body around so she could see Cyril completely. “What did you say?”

“I said that he won’t be back,” Cyril said as he circled around to sit on the coffee table in front of Sabina. “At least not until I invite him or he decides to pop in.”

Sabina stared at him blankly. “…I-I’m sorry, Cyril. But, what exactly are you saying?”

“Hope is yours again to raise.”

Sabina sat in silence as she let those words sink in. “Really?” she choked.


“…You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“Sabina, I wouldn’t lie about something like this…I can be cruel, but not that cruel.”

Sabina stifled a sob, but she couldn’t contain her tears for long knowing that her daughter was hers again. She was so overwhelmed with joy that all she could do was cry. Cyril did not move to embrace her as she celebrated in the only way she could. He sat back and watched the fruit of his labor begin to bloom. This moment was one he would cherish forever; seeing Sabina so happy that she was in tears. That is how he wanted to remember her.

When Sabina couldn’t find the strength to cry anymore and wiped away her tears some few minutes later, she kissed Hope’s forehead then looked at Cyril and choked, “How can I ever repay you?”

“Your words are more than enough, Sabina,” Cyril replied.

“But, there has to be something I can-,”

“Sabina,” Cyril said in that gentle yet authoritative tone of his and she stopped. “If you want to thank me, all I ask is that you raise our children right. That would be the best thanks that I could ever receive.”

“…I will. I-I have to tell Mariam and everyone.”

“Do what you will.”

“Thank you, Cyril. Thank you.” She rose to her feet and all but ran for the stairs, but she stopped short of the threshold. Then she turned on her heel and came to stand in front of Cyril again. Before he had a chance to ask what she wanted, she had kissed him on the cheek. Then she left him in the sitting room to go tell everyone the good news.

After recovering from Sabina’s sudden display of gratitude and possibly affection, Cyril stood to his feet and made his way to his office to pour himself that celebratory glass of brandy he had promised himself the day before. He earned it.

Sabina ran as fast as her feet could carry her, being careful not to drop Hope. On her way to Mariam’s room, she ran into Alfred who said, “Hello again, Sabina.” Then he noticed Hope and said, “Hello, little one. Where are you off to in such a hurry?”

“I was on my way to Mariam’s to tell her the news.”

“What news?” Alfred asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Lars returned Hope today,” Sabina replied, beaming.

“Lars…Lars.” Who was that again? Alfred thought.

“He was the man who bought Hope…and my former master.”

“That’s wonderful!” Alfred exclaimed. “I’m sure Mariam will be overjoyed. I’m glad that everything has been made right.”

“Me, too,” Sabina said as she looked down at Hope lovingly.

“Well, I must be off now. I have some work that needs to be taken care of. Have a good day, Sabina.”

“Thanks. You, too.” Then Alfred began to walk away. Sabina called after him, “Do you know if Mariam is in her room?”

“She should be,” Alfred called over his shoulder.

“Alright, then. Thank you!"

“You’re welcome!”

Then Sabina made her way to Mariam’s room. Once she reached the door, she rapped on it twice.

“Come in!” she heard Mariam sing and she did. Upon seeing Sabina, Mariam said, “Ah, Sabina what lovely-,” She stopped as soon as her eyes fell on the bundle Sabina held in her arms. “Is that…?”

“Yes, Mariam.”

“But, how?”

“Lars just returned her…I think he was somehow moved to compassion.”

“Oh, thank God! I thought I’d never see this precious little girl again!” she all but sobbed as she came closer. “May I?”

“Yes, but only for a little while. I still have to tell Lionel.”

“Very well, then.” Mariam took Hope from Sabina and cradled her like she used to for old time’s sake. Unbeknownst to Sabina, Mariam had adopted the twins as her own grandchildren. When Hope was sold, she felt as if part of her heart was torn from her chest. Now that she was holding Hope again, she felt as if the part of her heart that was torn away was now mended. As hard as it was to give her back to her mother, Mariam did so knowing that there would be other times to hold her adopted granddaughter.

“Well, I suggest you ought to go tell Lionel the good news before I start rambling,” Mariam said with a cheerful smile.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sabina replied with a nod of her head. “I’ll see you later?”

“I’ll be here, darling. Just be sure to knock before you come in, hear?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Then Sabina left and went down the hallway to her bedroom. She took a deep breath as she prepared for the onslaught of bear hugs, kisses, and the like. She looked down at Hope who looked up at her with a look that seemed to say: “What’re you waiting for?” Yep. This is my daughter, thought Sabina. “Well…time for you to go see daddy,” she whispered. Then she went inside.

Once inside the room, Sabina didn’t see Lionel. She called out his name, but received no answer. Then she checked the bathroom and he wasn’t there. So, she checked the balcony where she found him, looking out over the plains. He seemed to be deep in thought and Sabina hated to interrupt, but she just had to tell him the good news. “Lionel,” she said as she came up behind him.

“Back already?” he asked without turning to greet her. “What did Cyril have in store for you this time?”

Sabina smirked as she thought about how his face would look in the next few seconds. “Why don’t you turn around and see for yourself?”

Lionel’s ears perked up upon hearing the playfulness in Sabina’s challenge. He turned his head slightly, but he couldn’t see what Sabina wanted to show him. So, he turned around with a sigh, not knowing what to expect. The surprise could have been anything; expensive jewelry, a new wardrobe, or even an exotic pet. Nevertheless, Lionel’s heart was not prepared when he saw baby Hope smiling up at him as she reached out to him, wanting to be picked up.

Sabina watched Lionel with a smirk on her face. She knew that he wasn’t expecting this as a surprise. It saddened her that he expected the worst case scenario whenever something involved Cyril. But, she couldn’t completely blame him for his opinion because neither of them had the best history with Cyril; they both suffered differently, but they still suffered at his hands. Despite all the damage that had been done, getting Hope back was the one thing they both could agree that Cyril had done right.

“I believe your daughter wants you to pick her up,” Sabina said matter-of-factly, bringing Lionel out of his daze.

“Oh, yes.” He cleared his throat. “Of course.” Then he took Hope from Sabina and held her as not to squeeze her too tight. “Hello, sweetheart. Long time, no see.”

Sabina smiled as she watched the two carry on. Hope was just as animated as she was when she was holding her. She must have missed him terribly, she thought. As she watched Lionel interact with Hope, Sabina couldn’t help but notice how stiff he was while holding her. This prompted her to say, “You’re holding her like a priceless vase.”

“Well, she is awfully precious, don’t you think?”

Touché. Shall we go back inside?”

“You go ahead. We’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay,” Sabina said with a shrug before turning to head back inside. Before she went in, she looked over her shoulder to see Lionel smiling down at her baby girl. She could’ve sworn she saw a single tear fall from his eye, but when she looked again, there was no tearstain on his cheek. She smiled to herself and went back inside to leave Lionel with Hope.

As he looked down at Hope, Lionel couldn’t help but smile as he fought to keep himself from crying. He was just so glad to have her in his arms one more time. He remembered when Sabina told him that she had been sold. It was as if he had been stabbed with a knife. Then when he found out that Faye was behind all of it, it was like the same knife had been twisted within the wound. He had felt that he had also lost a daughter that day even though she was not his biological child. But now that she was back in his arms, all of the pain he’d experienced when he lost her was replaced with joy.

“I know you’re probably too young to understand me,” he said with a smile, “but Daddy wants you to know that he loves you. I love you so much that I would do anything – and I mean anything for you and your brother. Welcome home, sweetheart.” He kissed her on the forehead then he made his way inside.


Cyril was in his office savoring his celebratory glass of brandy. Yes, it was still early in the day, but did he care? Not at all. He sat behind his desk and thought about all the events of that morning. He was pleased with how things turned out. The look on Sabina’s face when she saw Hope was worth it. She was worth it. Then the point Lars made came to his mind. He had said: ‘Sabina has the makings of a queen, so don’t deny her any good thing.’ ‘Don’t deny her any good thing’? he thought. What does that even mean?

His musings were interrupted by a knock on the door. Cyril groaned in annoyance. He had stolen away to his office for some privacy, but he supposed that some people can’t take a hint. He considered taking the intruder to the dungeon, depending on who it was. But, he decided against it. He also considered ignoring them all together. That didn’t work because the knocks only became more persistent; like the intruder knew he was in there. “Enter,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“You’re lucky I have the decency to knock,” Faye spat as she stormed into the room, slamming the door behind her.

Oh, god, Cyril thought as he closed his eyes and squeezed the bridge of his nose. “Good afternoon to you too, Faye. What can I do for-,”

“What is this I hear about Hope getting returned?” she demanded upon reaching Cyril’s desk. Cyril didn’t answer her. “I asked you a question, Cyril!”

Cyril couldn’t help but stare at her in disbelief. Was she really getting upset about good news like this? “Lars returned Hope today. What’s the problem?”

“What’s the problem? Cyril, he bought her from you with the intent of keeping her. Then all of a sudden, he just decides to give her back? That’s not honoring the contract.”

“I’m not concerned about whether or not the contract was honored!” Cyril snapped. “I’m more concerned about you. What is your problem? You should be happy that Sabina was reunited with Hope, not running around demanding why it happened.”

“She doesn’t deserve to be happy after what she’s done!”

Cyril gave her a look that said: ‘We’ve been over this.’ But, he had to ask, “What has she done, Faye?”

“She’s rejected you countless times and has been more of a liability rather than an asset.”

“Oh?” Cyril said as he raised an eyebrow. “If Sabina is a liability…then, what would that make you?”

Faye’s eyes grew large upon hearing him say such a thing. “W-What do you mean? I’ve done nothing but love you and-,”

“That may be true, but what is the motive behind all this…‘love’? Do you love me for love’s sake or for some ulterior motive?”

“Cyril, I love you. You know this!” Faye felt insulted that he would dare question her loyalty after all they’d been through. “If I didn’t love you, I-,”

“What? Never would have let me have my way with you all those times? Ran away from home? Allowed yourself to get pregnant? Please,” he scoffed before taking another sip of his brandy. “I ask you again: What is your motive?”

“I-I don’t understand…Why are you questioning me?”

“What is your motive?” Cyril asked evenly.

“After all we’ve been through…”

He refused to give in to her pathetic attempt to get some sympathy. So, he asked again, “What is your motive, Faye?”

“I’m pregnant for god’s sake, Cyril!”

“What is your motive, Faye?” Cyril shouted, having reached the end of his rope; causing Faye to flinch.

Faye looked as if she were about to cry. She looked at Cyril, seeking sympathy, but he would have none of it. He kept a straight face despite her attempts. “I love you, Cyril,” she choked. “I love you for you and you alone.”

Still, she lies, he thought as he sat in silence, making Faye squirm as she awaited him to speak. “…You love me?” he said after a long intense pause.

“Yes,” Faye replied as she placed her hands on the desk and leaned forward, relieved to hear his voice.

Cyril looked her up and down. “Do you really love me?”

“Yes. More than life itself.”

“Hm…Why is it that I’m not convinced?”

“W-What do I need to do to convince you?”

“It’s not what you need to do, Faye. It’s actually what you’ve done that proves to me that you don’t love me the way you say you do.” Faye opened her mouth to retort, but Cyril cut her off saying, “If you truly loved me, then why did you use me as a means to hurt someone else?”

Faye chuckled nervously. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play coy, Faye. It’s not becoming of a girl like you. Why did you use me to hurt Sabina then stand back and allow me to take the blame for your dirty work? That doesn’t sound like love to me.”

“But, Cy-,”

“Then to go behind my back and fuck my butler? Unforgivable.”

“You knew-?!” Faye gasped.

“Of course, I knew. Alfred told me everything…How you threatened to tell me that he raped you, how much more you loved his cock than mine, and the list goes on. All the way down to the last detail.” He saw Faye’s face grow redder and redder with each passing second. He swore she’d start crying any minute because of the humiliation. Cyril paused as he considered whether or not to share the next piece of information. Why not? “Oh, I should also have you know that you weren’t his first.” Faye’s jaw hit the floor. “Alfred was sixteen when he lost his virginity.”

Faye was a wreck. Cyril had destroyed her in a matter of minutes. She thought she had him fooled all this time when in fact, he was the one who had her fooled. She felt so ashamed. “C-Cyril…Why? Why are you so cruel?”

“Simple,” he replied coolly. “You and people like you bring that side out of me.”

“But, I’m-,”

“A liar, whore, and manipulator who has betrayed my trust.”

“I’m sorry, Cyril,” she choked as she bowed her forehead to the desk.

“Oh, sweetheart, you’re not sorry yet,” Cyril said as he put his feet up on the desk.

“What must I do to regain your trust, Master? I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Anything I ask?”

Anything,” she sniffled as she gently placed her hands on Cyril’s boot. “I-I’ll lick your boots, let you do whatever you want to do to me wherever and whenever, and-,”

Cyril looked her over and said, “Alright, Faye. I’ll take you up on your offer.” Faye sighed in relief. “My first order is for you to get out of my office, go to your room, and don’t come out until I figure out what to do with you.”

“Y-Yes, Master,” she said quietly with a bowed head. Then she left more humble than what she had come in.

Whatever shall I do with her now? thought Cyril. I can’t send her back to her father because it would bring even more shame to his household. I could give her back to Bernard, but he was more than happy to get her off his hands. So, I doubt he’d be willing to take her back. Cyril sighed as he weighed his options, which were very few. All seemed suitable, but he was very careful when it came to others’ reputations. Especially in situations like this where the relatives and close friends had nothing to do with the person at fault’s actions.

Cyril wanted his judgment to be swift, but he also wanted to be fair. In order for that to be so, he concluded that he would need more time to weigh all of his options or come up with an even better one. He rested his head on the back of his seat and presumed that the answer would come to him later. But in that moment, he decided to enjoy the pleasures he still had left to call his own; his solitude, dignity, and his endless supply of brandy. Cyril smiled to himself as he sat in silence, taking in the peace and quiet. I better enjoy this while it lasts, he thought with a sigh. Because it’ll disappear just as fast as it came. He raised his glass and said, “Cheers.” Then he downed it all in one gulp.
Broken: Chapter 33
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